Circle Of Eight


To Foil an Assassination

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Travis
  • Place: The Citadel, War World (alternate plane)
  • NPCs: Lord Walsingham
  • Summary:
    • Warn/Rescue Anwar from assassination attempt
    • Investigate and shutdown Cult of Outward Path outpost


  • Anwar stood atop the ramparts of The Citadel contemplating the changes he would make in the coming days when the ground shook beneath his feet. Just then a creature appeared out of the stone and attacked Anwar. The rest of the party, after having just portaled in, ran to Awar’s aid. The creature was a slaad. Its appearance varied. Faradey used his bow. Travis cast Protection from Chaos. Dandelus tried a Lance of Disruption. Lord Walsingham rushed forward. Walsingham was attempting to get close and cast a spell from a scroll. Anwar stood his ground. Travis was negatively affected due to his True Seeing. The slaad kept changing its nature. Dandelus spotted a shady guy in a tower and magically held him. The battle ensued, lots of weird stuff happened. Travis’ battle music is not rousing; in fact it is quite the opposite. The slaad eventually used an area of effect sound attack that blinded Faradey and Walsingham. Travis tried Abjure. It did not work out well. Anwar, Dandelus, Travis, and the slaad fell into another dimension. Faradey followed later. Moments passed before we landed somewhere on what we thought to be Ithor after an indeterminate amount of time. The red moon appeared large in the sky. Anwar bashed the very hurt slaad to death.
  • Aoife says this place smells different. Just then 30 orcs appeared from around some of the fallen boulders. They spoke in a dialect of Orkish not found in Ithor. We had landed in an alternate prime material plane. Likely a version of Ithor where orcs have a larger population, maybe they’re in charge. Anwar challenges them and five of them attack Anwar. Many more wait to fight. Travis shouts to the blind Faradey to guide him towards the rest of the party. Dandelus casts a Prismatic Spray stunning two orcs but they are replaced by two more. Faradey attacks one orc as he’s moving. Eventually we are together and Travis casts Etherealness. After some further thought Travis realized they landed in a world, not a version of Ithor, where chaos is in control. Like the opposite of the Peace World (The Hippie World), this is the War World. The only moon in the sky is the red moon of chaos, Gideon. It is much larger and stronger here. We looked around for a spot to hold up for a while. We found a satisfactory spot, a cave with no physical access. Travis spent some time healing Anwar. Faradey is cured of his blindness. The next morning we are all healed and such.
  • We craft a plan to learn more about the area. We think the orcs are laying siege to something and we aim to find out what/who. Then Travis will use Know Customs to learn some local knowledge. As we scout about we learn one group of local orcs is part of the Hammerfang tribe. There’s also the Demon Goat tribe. The two tribes are warring with each other. The Demon Goat tribe seems to be more technologically advanced. We see that the Hammerfangs are holding three elves as slaves in a cage. We land in somewhat hidden spot nearby. Travis uses Know Customs on an orc and learns stuff. The orcs are warlike, they only know war. It’s tribe versus tribe. Slaves have powerful magic. Everything in life is about war and honor. The Hammerfangs and Demon Goats have been at war for a few years in this area which has resources for food and such. Slaves are used for spell casting. These slaves would be used for battle magic. Other slaves would be kept at other locations, family members and such. We thought it best not to attempt rescue as they would fear for their family’s safety.
  • We leave the area and prepare for some divinations. We ask a bunch of questions and learn that the Nexus Engine is under an island in the lake and that the natives of this world are not cult members. Aoife quickly scouts the location of said island. We fly invisibly to the island. The structure on the island is somewhat old. There are large double iron doors on the south side. There are two bronze statues by the door, shaped like large gorilla men. There are two more like them around the back of the building. There is a sailboat docked on the island with tracks of about 16 people leading to the building. Faradey flies close a statue. It wakes up revealing nasty claws as it looks around for what awoke it. Faradey flies away. Faradey then lands on the roof, then the rest of us. Dandelus uses the Stone Crown to turn part of the roof to flesh, which we cut through. Travis sees two people with magic inside. There’s a grate in the floor and some furniture and stuff. Dandelus hits the room with a fireball and follows up with a fireball to the sailboat. The two in the room are not dead and not handling the situation well. One is freaking out while the other is looking for the manual. Travis leaps in the hole and kills the guy looking at the burning book. Faradey jumps and goes after the other guy trying to subdue. Anwar jumps in and does the same. Travis attends to the wounds of the guy but Aoife shoots him with a bow and kills him. Travis then gets the employee manual. After a bit of looking about we were able to cut a hole in the grate in the floor leading to an 80 foot pit. Unfailing Premonition prevented Travis from going through the grate but we tried to open it somehow and it was safe to continue. Travis left a rope tied to the grate into the pit. We all go down.
  • At the bottom we find railroad like tracks going along a tunnel/hallway in either direction. Faradey determines the west tunnel has been most recently used. At the end of the hall is a conference room with table and presentation area. It is full of 18 people at the table. The presentation area has many diagrams and boards full of stuff. They’re speaking about of a bunch of things including the elimination of the Circle of Eight, although they don’t mention us by name. We listen for a bit when lights appear down the hallway headed our way. Dandelus cast Wall of Fire around the table as Travis examines the presentation boards. Faradey shot a web down the hallway to impede the arriving guards. Dandelus shot a Lance of Disruption into the fire, twice. Anwar covers one of the secret doors. Anwar criticals one of the fleeing cultists, who dies. Faradey casts an Entangle down the hallway. Travis jumps into the flame and faces down the director of marketing but fumbles. The leader heads for a secret door and Faradey tries to head him off. One of the fleeing cultists casts a spell against Anwar. Anwar’s armor is magnetically connected to a metal sconce on the wall and the cultist makes her way to a secret door past Anwar. Aoife scores her second critical of the day with her war flail. Anwar cuts down the fleeing cultist as she tries to flee past him. Anwar is still stuck. The director of marketing, Luke, strikes Travis with a critical using a stapler. Travis suffers a debilitating blow which affects his intelligence and charisma. Aoife is still going after the leader who has now opened the secret door and is moving down the hallway. Faradey is also giving chase. Travis stands on the conference table surrounded by fire and dead burning bodies facing Luke the Director of Marketing. Travis tries to strike Luke but suffers a serious fumble and hits himself for max damage but follows up with a solid hit. The battle music changes to something more positive. Faradey and Aoife still chase down the leader trying to subdue. The leader uses Dimension Door to escape. Travis finally regains his composure and fights well. Luke ultimately succumbs to the flames. We check and loot the area and head down the hallway after the leader and encounter six guards. Wanting to avoid a fight we bampf out but not before attempting to befuddle the guards by shouting, “Condition Blue!” They weren’t as befuddled as the other guards caught in the web. They had wanted to form a committee to best determine the best course of action.
  • We make it to the Nexus Engine Node to find the leader and an aberration. A monster of sorts that appears blurry. Anwar moves to destroy the Nexus Engine Node as Travis’ battle music picks up, something more inspiring. Travis attacks the creature. Within the cut Travis sees extra-dimensional space. Faradey attacks the leader but also gets a free kick on the creature. The creature attacks Travis with a critical and a fumble. Dandelus immobilizes the leader. Anwar continues to attack the Nexus Engine Node (NE Node). Travis feeling the rousing music strikes at the aberration with a massive brain hit critical doing 192 points of damage. The aberration is torn apart leaving behind a weird dimensional tear in space. Anwar hears a voice from the machine asking him to stop. Travis wants to curb Aoife’s bloodlust so Anwar and Travis switch places. Anwar casts Calm Chaos in the area of Aoife which does reduce her bloodlust. It also closes the tear in space left behind by the aberration. Travis studies the NE Node. The Node speaks to Travis. Travis asks the Node its status and its last command. Status: Critical. Last Command: Relay data to Pinnacle. Travis asks the Node to display data which it does. Travis endeavors to see it all. Travis then asks the node to cease transmission. The Node shuts down. Travis will have to confer with Esper about all the data collected here. Travis asks the leader about a library or records room which we then raid for intel. The records mostly cover the operations of this location. The first iteration has been here for maybe ten years. The current iteration has been operating for two years. They have had some relation to the natives in an effort to keep themselves safe. They would play each tribe against the other. There are some top secret records that a woman named Margo is able to retrieve and make a safe copy of. She requests transport back home to Hakenum.
  • We then return to The Citadel with Margo and the leader. Margo will be in custody for a while as we learn all she knows. She is not evil or chaotic. The leader is a carefully watched prisoner. We may have turned him to stone. We learn the Moon Gates were compromised.



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