Circle Of Eight

  • Party members: Calen, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Kulira, Travis
  • Place: Citadel and The Mountain of Chaos
  • NPCs: Yeusef (played by Dan T.)


  • Put into action a plan to stop the mountain.
  • ‘Ported 100 orcs to the citadel.
  • We fortified the citadel.
  • ‘Ported party to the mountain.
  • Fought big things and freed some dwarves.
  • Found our way to an ‘engine room’.
  • Big fight.
  • Created explosion by spilling water reservoir into fire bed.
  • Escaped and holed up to heal.
  • Krr and Faradey went missing.


I feel like “blew the back out of the mountain and caused it to take an abrupt left turn” should be in the notes. Just sayin’…


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