Circle Of Eight


Quest for The Tailor's Needle

  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members:Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: York, Volcano Island in the NW ocean
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus [Played by Brian J]
  • Summary:
    • Find rift on northern island with volcano.
    • Get the Needle.


  • Using a lot of spell ability (Commune, Time Pool, Scrying) we find the volcano island with the rift and travel to it. Climbing to the top of the crater we find that the rift is inside the crater. Krrr went scouting on the flying carpet over the lava. Just then the rest of us were hit with a silence spell. Just then the rest of us were hit with a silence spell. Krrr was attacked from behind as he headed back to the edge when his carpet was disenchanted; he narrowly made it to safety. At this point a Cone of Cold hit the rest of us. The fighting continued. It turned out to be Colbus (agent of Ulko who Faradey killed in a past adventure) and another compatriot. They were both invisible and flying. Colbus was also protected from missile weapons; luckily Sir Pelecus was able to call Colbus down to the ground with some kind of paladin challenge thing. Travis hit him a bunch and Colbus flew away. There was some more fighting, the invisible thief grappled with Krrr and Krrr threw the thief through the rift. A little while later the thief returned. Some dispel magics were used on Colbus and eventually he became visible and lost his missile protection. Travis cast Faerie Fire on the invisible thief making him somewhat visible. More fighting ensued. The thief and Krrr fell into the crater; Krrr killed the thief and was saved by a Feather Fall and rope. Colbus’ flying was dispelled while he was over the lava and nearly fell to his death but made his escape by Word of Recall.
  • Krrr questioned the dead thief and something about the other side of the rift. Travis and Pelecus Napped. We readied for the rift and went though.



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