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  • Peleston

    Peleston is a town in Winchendon on the shore of Lakbyrn (Lake of Fire) in the county of Ravenscroft. On top of a hill overlooking the town and lake is Peleston Keep, the former home of [[:16108 | Mylas Galt]]. Kulira is now in charge of Peleston. …

  • The Citadel

    From the Book of Souls: The Citadel of Salah al-Din, Ykhra al-Teesikh, was built from the Khatrain city of cities, which in turn was built on top of the ruins of al-Wazif, which in turn was built on top of who knows how many generations of ruins of …

  • Winchendon

    Cities/Towns: [[Korburg]], [[Peleston]], [[Ravenscroft]], [[York]] "Link to a map of the Dragon Lakes around Winchendon":http://www.cjlms.com/David_Hayden/images/Circle_of_Eight_Images/DragonLakes.jpg

  • Ithor

    "Link to a close-up map of Ithor":http://www.cjlms.com/David_Hayden/images/Circle_of_Eight_Images/ITHORmap.JPG

  • Torn

    "Link to image of Torn":http://www.cjlms.com/David_Hayden/images/Circle_of_Eight_Images/Torn.jpg

  • Banbury

    "Link to a close-up map of the Banbury area":http://www.cjlms.com/David_Hayden/images/Circle_of_Eight_Images/Banbury_close-up.gif