Circle Of Eight

To Clear the Monastery
  • Game Date: Beginning of May
  • Party members: Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Mountain Monastery in the north
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Clear out monastery in the mountains.
To Kill Cordax
  • Game Date: Beginning of May
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: West coast of Asturia
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Fight Cordax
    • Prepare to go to the mountain monastery
After the Volcano

(Thom’s follow-up email to our 12/2/12 game)


“Sounds likehis nachos are ready”

“Aye, jus’ intime too! Th’ sacred ale is chill’d ‘n wait’n.”

“It’ss not ssacredto uss, dwarf, jusst to your followerss.”

The robed Godshuffled easily back into the company of the others, laden with a large platterof hot crispy chips covered in melted cheese and a red sauce. He grinned at his companions, happy to shareyet another food they’d never experienced.

The host God,vTivo, master of time and vision, was content to wait for the others to settleback into their seats, and listen to the Traveler God finish his story of how he discoveredthese “nachos”. The funny thing aboutbeing a god of time is that it lent itself to infinite patience. A quality not shared by some of the others.

“So,” finishedMalark, “I hope you can enjoy these as much as I. And thank you all for coming from your ownPlanes to dine with me, and thank you Tivo for your hospitality.”

“Blah blah, let’sjust get yer Vision runnin’ agin, eh? That demon in the volcano battle was goin’ good.”

“Of course.” And Tivo gestured at the wall and the actionresumed.


“Do you haveany… fours?”

“HA!” repliedthe heroic orc, “Go Fish!”

The demongrimaced and reached for a card. Aseven.

Krrr eyed thedemon for a moment, and made an intimidation check… big success!

“Have a Seven?”

The demon,defeated, dropped the card back down.

“Hey, uh,guys? I think we’re supposed to be doingsomething else.”

The orc lookedaround, eyes adjusting to the scene. Slowly memory began to dawn on him…


“Wait, paussepleasse. Wass thiss where we leftoff? I’m hay-zee.”

“Ay, tha’ beme sacred ale havin it’s go at ye!”

“No problem, Ican do a quick playback.” And anotherGodly gesture.


Dandelus used his diplomacy andelemental relationships to have the lava elemental and other volcanic threatsstand down. Krr cajoled the spirit ofthe volcano to likewise back down. Thatleft the group with a few pesty demons between them and the portal to the demonplane.

Their quest was to seal therift. Malark couldn’t help but gloatwith pride at how responsible they were. None of the other God’s present had High Priests with suchpotential. Unless you counted Breaugh,Son of Gludorain, High Priest of Burdisson Twelvepack. He was certainly devoted to his mission ofintoxication.

Anyway, the group of five heroeswasted no time in dispatching the demons, except for the last two, inside therift with the orc.

“And whatabout that big demon, they were going to sstop it before it got the theprinccess?”

“That comeslater. After the part with the peacefulelves.”

“Woah, spoileralert!”

“Oops, sorry,force of habit.”

“Let’s jus’see someotha highlights, eh? They’ve gotbigger lizards to fry! Ha ha!”

“As you wish”


Faradey, everat the ready, stayed focused on the rift as he discussed strategy with theothers. “He’ll probably come out anysecond all flashy, but if he doesn’t should we go in?”

Travis madehis thoughtful face before saying, “I’m not sure how the needle works, but Idon’t want to be in the rift when I close it up. That could be a bad thing.”

Before anymore debate could progress, Krr came bursting out of the hole, riding hiscarpet and dragging two demons along with him. Not stopping at the edge, the group shot out over the lava. Hamming up his stunt, the orc backflipped offthe rug, allowing the demons to tumble slowly to their fiery deaths as helanded back on the ledge. … and thenfell a bit further onto his backside.

“Oh, so close.”The ranger teased amid laughter.


Thevision blurred forward, then, passing Travis’ success at sealing thedimensional tear and the group porting back someplace safe. Skipping the good natured ribbing anddivinations to locate their target.

“Thatdivination was your work?”

“Why, yes,thank you for noticing. More salsa?”

Twomore days passed by and the heroes were standing ready on a seashore, a thickforest at their backs. Dandelus was thefirst to notice the ripples on the sea, still far from shore. But as the huge demons just began to breakthe water’s surface, two score elves emerged silently from the trees. Their spokesperson was a beautiful (as elvestend to be) female with long flowing hair.


“…-for everyone’s well being. I’m sure youwill respect our wishes.” She said.

“Wishesor no, the only route to well being is us killing those approaching demons,” saidthe partially diplomatic orc.

“Itold you they wouldn’t simply agree,” said a snarky elf.

“Evenif we did lay down our arms, those demons are not to be reasoned with. They will slay everything in their path. I ask you to leave, for your own safety.” Said the ranger, with evident frustration.

Thestoic Midik warrior kept silent, which everyone agreed was probably for thebest.

Bythis time the demons were out of the sea up to their armpits, and saw the groupclearly. They gave demonic smiles thatwere reserved for those rare moments before utter bloodshed.

Faradeypulled his bowstring tight, and Dandelus apologetically began to cast aspell. But neither elf finished hisaction before the peaceful elves began to sing. Their song instantly charmed all the listeners, even the demons withtheir high resistances. The heroeslowered their weapons, and the demons approached without incident.


“Sso,iss this what you had told me about your fellow, Malark?”

“Ah,well, yes. As you can see, he is intheir land, and must adhere to their ways as a guest. They approached him according to tradition,and made their beliefs clear. So evenwithout the song, he couldn’t initiate a conflict. That would be poor manners, you see.”

“AAa! No fight’n? W’as the point?” “Well, eh, ‘spoiler alert’: there willbe a bit of blood. One of the mostentertaining moments I have seen in this quest.” “Then git to it.” “Very well.”


Volcano Island 1
  • Game Date: Beginning of May
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Peleston, Volcano Island in the NW ocean
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Close portal
June 4, 2012 Update from Thom

Travis accepts the warm mug, but with some reluctance. The days are getting warmer, but the mulled cider helps steel him against the constant commotion that has invaded his every waking moment of late. He prefers the cider from Alina, the young priestess of bounty, to the more potent drinks from Dagun. But he has found it hard to turn down a mug from the dwarf if he hasn’t already got something in his hands. The healer is just so … nice. The construction is really beginning now, the architect and engineers have finally come to agreement, and the supplies are in place. The schedule will keep the builders busy 18 hours a day, working in shifts. This, and a delivery he’s tried to keep secret, has made Dagun blissfully happy (and significantly wealthier). His drinks are both alcoholic and non-, both caffeinated and not, and plentiful.

Even now the laborers are lined up to get some drinks to energize them for the construction ahead. Beyond the line for drinks is a line of carts with awaited materials. One heavy wagon pulls away from the rest. Instead of bringing tools and beams to the temple, it will head west until the terrain becomes to rough. There it will meet with several enthusiastic orcs. They will not grumble or complain about shifting the load onto their backs, and they will be friendly to the two older humans who bring the goods. The orcs will listen closely, hoping to learn. And, in fact, they will learn. Their vocabulary will grow to include the terms “clinker”, “strake”, “sternpost”, “buoyancy”, “planking”, “timbering”, and “transverse battons”. That the closest navigable water is miles to the east won’t dampen the mood in the slightest.

Many more miles to the north, Faradey has met with his tribe. After the gifts from King Lionel, the ranger got to thinking. Ulko was sending troops to attack them because he couldn’t get to Faradey directly. Some time ago, the tribe of elves was directly attacked by the dragon in an effort to drive a point home. The dragon’s point was “you ARE vulnerable.”

Even though no one was hurt then, the stakes for the dragon were relatively low. And Ulko never had enough time to reach the elves. Now, even if they hadn’t have wanted to, the Circle of Eight were now set as pawns against the dragon. Not a viewpoint Faradey would have tried to share with Krrr, of course. The orc had always been planning on combating the dragon. But now it was the human king who put them in a room with allies of the dragon and told them to end the threat. Sooner or later the dragon will take action to preserve itself. And so before the rest of his race could suffer, Faradey trekked to warn them.

As he expected, they faced the news calmly. By the end of the day the forest was returned to a state that would appear to have never been inhabited, and the tribe would migrate. They would move a thousand or more miles, to a wilderness unlikely to reveal their presence. They had magic enough to help hide them from most supernatural spying, and when on guard were never easy prey. Faradey could stir up trouble all he wanted now, knowing they wouldn’t come to harm for it.

Away from the protective forests, Anwar spends his days quelling trouble. The spring rains were more plentiful than any in memory, and the Midik seemed to have lost their perspective as a result. The details of his authority need not be spelled out to those of other beliefs, but for his subjects who follow the Book, they are taught, firmly, to not waiver in their adherence to the Law. At times, Anwar allows himself to think back to his time adventuring with the others, and their discordant and divergent methods. Even though his people here in the citadel clearly needed his guidance on a daily basis, he still had a loyalty to the Circle of Eight. Perhaps if he were a little more direct with the Midik tomorrow, he’d be able to join the Co8 for a short time and not return to find a mess here.

In a seaport tavern, somewhere in Winchendon, the barkeep looked down at a real mess. He was accustomed to fights and trouble like that, but this one hadn’t left him a single useable piece of furniture, and those pewter tankards that weren’t bent or broken were covered in blood. Some of it was his own, but the cuts had cleared up instantly when the fighter in dark hide armor shoved him into the storeroom. The fight apparently was some sort of initiation into the Feral Strike Mercenaries.

One very large man brawling with twelve large men. Even after a respectable showing, the very large man didn’t back down. Apparently, he wanted to negotiate his entry into the guild from a position of strength. Soon the barkeep gave up surveying the wreckage and walked out through the whole in the wall. He wandered, dazed, to another shady seaport tavern, and ordered a large amount of very strong alcohol.

The King's Reward, The King's Demand
  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: King’s Castle
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Meet with King Lionel
Return Ulko's Prisionors
  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Faradey, Travis
  • Place: Plane of Air, Nourd Tyr
  • NPCs: Prisoners (boy and two girls, a brunette and a blonde)
  • Summary:
    • Return Ulko’s prisoners to their homes
    • Clear out Zirith Sha cave
To Kill Ulko
To Free Lila and Send Her Home
  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Anwar, Faradey, Travis
  • Place: Temple of Truth & Wind, Anti-Magic Zone in the Hakenem desert
  • NPCs: Lila (Dahleilla)
  • Summary:
    • Free Lila from the collar
    • Send Lila back home
  • View
    Quest for The Tailor's Needle, Pt. 2
    • Game Date: Spring
    • Party members: Anwar, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
    • Place: Volcano Island in the NW ocean, demon plane
    • NPCs: Sir Pelecus [Played by Brian J]
    • Summary:
      • Get the Needle.

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