The Traveler


We all know Travis, but none of us really know Travis. His benign mysteriousness goes back to the beginning. You knew him for over a month before you learned his name. He was known as “the traveler”. So here are some detailed facts:

STR: yes
CON: yes
DEX: quite a bit, actually
INT: yes
WIS: often questioned
CHR: of course

HP: the rumor is 800

AC: could be better, will be if/when his armor ever gets finished.

Weapon: a saber. (oooh, special)
Better Weapon: a light-saber (praise god)

Spells: any of them, it seems
Special: thats still a secret, but he has been known to hide in a shadow or two.


Travis was born to good and loving parents of mixed and/or uncertain nationality who were brutally murdered along with his entire extended family. The loss left him alone and bitter, with a spite for all dieties, especially Malark (as his family were devout pilgrims).

Travis grew up through many diverse and desperate experiences. After meeting the others who would eventually form the Circle of Eight, Travis had the opportunity to avenge the past. He encountered the cult of Kali, and did what heroes do. Later he was able to come to terms with his past, and now accepts his place as a priest of Malark.

He has had a “romantic encounter” with Princess Wren, and their relationship remains tense, given her marriage to the prince and birth to the heir of Winchendon.


Circle Of Eight Travis