Tall, rugged elf with sand-colored hair streaked w/gold. Sapphire blue eyes. Generally quiet, but very observant and always alert.


Standing at a full 6 feet in height, Faradey is large for one of his race. Strong, sturdy, and dexterous in the extreme, Faradey’s physical presence is far less imposing than it should be, as he lacks the charisma to project it’s full effect. His occupation is almost too obvious. He wears light armor seemingly made of leather and plant growth. He blends in with his native forest surroundings almost at will. A wilderness harness crosses his torso and back with a myriad of small pouches and pockets assuring that what he carries is secure and well-balanced at all times. Resting comfortably on his hips are a scimitar and short sword. Over his shoulder, the tip of a bow and what looks to be a staff peak out from a quiver/pack that blends in perfectly with his armor. Strapped to his left forearm, a heavy bracer (or perhaps a small buckler?), on his right, a small leather band.

AC: Varies, but normally 20 (23 with his shield expanded) HP: 96


Faradey (and his twin sister, Faralyn) were born of mixed elven blood. His mother was a High elf, his father a Wood elf. Raised among the Wood elves, the twins quickly learned and excelled in their ways. While Faradey was trained by his father to be a Ranger, Faralyn favored her mother’s training as a priestess. During an excursion to an underground lair, Faradey’s parents (and others of their clan) were slain in a furious battle with a horde of undead, most notably ghouls and ghasts. From that moment on, Faradey knew his destiny. He swore an oath to slay undead (particularly ghouls and ghasts) wherever they were found. So he left the protection of his clan and ventured off seeking adventure. His sister chose to stay behind with the clan. During his travels, he has joined the Circle of Eight, become a Royal Ranger of King Lionel, found his identity as the new Champion of Life, and is now helping to rebuild Peleston and expand it’s influence. What lies ahead? We shall see…


Circle Of Eight Faradey