Dead and buried.


Kidnapper, scoundrel and archenemy of Faradey and the Circle of Eight.

The party first encountered Evinstrike when trying to rescue Lady Wren (now Princess) when she was kidnapped. Kulira later beheaded Shade, his boss and romantic interest, in battle. Seeking revenge, Evinstrike persued the party and planned ambushes (which the party always bested).

Eventually Evinstrike put together a party of his own, and managed to take control of the ruins of Peleston. His party managed to unearth the hidden and trapped artifacts that Mylas Galt had tried to keep out of the world.

Donning a suit of Demonic Leather armor, Evinstrike summoned several demons to gain a more powerful foothold. Even with these allies, the Circle of Eight managed to storm the keep and defeat his minions. In a final epic battle, largely fought in the tower, Evinstrike was slain.

It is also interesting to know that in his past Evinstrike was a Good ranger, and hero of his people. After a mission to rid the forest of some gnolls, things changed. The tribe of gnolls was oddly good alligned, but Evinstrike had them all killed anyway. A witness and objector to Evinstrike’s methods, Calen, informed the elven leadership and Evinstrike was banished.

History from DM:
Evinstrike was born a long time ago as a pure blooded Asturian elf. Time passed, until one fateful night when he led a strike team of elvish warriors against a tribe of gnolls. Pretty normal on the surface. However, these gnolls were abberant. They were Good. Well, mistakes happen, except that Calen (1/2 human, 1/2 “wood” elf) had established diplomacy with them, and it was understood that they were Good. Evinstrike had them all slaughtered anyway, but Calen (and one other peacenik) survived and escaped to rat him out.

Evinstrike returned home, washed in the blood of gnolls, expecting a heroes welcome for his service to his people, but was instead tried and convicted for his naughtiness. His punnishment was exile from Asturia (likely backed up with a potent magic).

More time passed, and he eventually hooked up with a mercenary band which was led/manipulated by Dandelus’ half sister, Shade. The two miscreants got on famously. Before long they were neck deep in someones plot to kidnap the Princess and hand her over to the Dragon.


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