Circle Of Eight

Story info on the Loom of Chaos Warp and Chaos Weft

Tom’s write up about Time Travel and the unmaking of the Loom of Chaos Warp and Chaos Weft. Ironically the email I got this from was from 7/15/08 (hence the date assigned to the Adventure Log Post), but the only reference I could find to it in existing posts was an adventure that Faraday, Travis, and Anwar went on with a game date of Jan 2009. Actual time travel, I’m impressed guys!

Our heroes were successful. The sphere was destroyed. Further, Dandelus revealed that his research has uncovered the method to “un-make” the Loom of Chaos Warp and Chaos Weft: by weaving a paradox it will be destroyed….

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Two days in the future:
An orange light illuminates the cave. Behind the silvered helmet crystal blue eyes search for a trace of something. The man’s movements are precise, disguising the adrenaline that makes his heart beat faster. He never liked being underground, it wasn’t what he signed up for.
Then he had it – " здесь сильн Сигнал. его имею Я. ", he spoke with deep, even voice. From the empty air a quick response came back, " им за последовать смогите мы тогда, подтвердить чтобы того для вы Убеждайтесь. "

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Three days in the past:
“Please, can you help us?” Her large brown eyes implored the elderly priest, and his suspicions melted away. This time of night is not a usual time for visitors, but the halfling was alone and seemed in sincere distress.
“What is the trouble?” He asked as he gestured her to come in out of the chill air.
She hesitated before entering, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to leave Master Humbolt alone.”
“Eh? Oh, well bring him in.” Looking out into the night the priest failed to see the halfling’s employer, “Where is he?”
“Right here.” She pointed to the tall camel, who in return spit.
“Ahk, phu… That’s a camel? Where is your master?”
“Sadly, this is the reason I’ve come to you. Master Humbolt’s spell was somehow reflected back upon him during an encounter with a … ghost. The magic changed him into this, and I fear for his well being. He hasn’t a big enough cloak.”
“Cloak? Oh. But- ah, never mind, come in, come in. I’ll make you a warm drink and you can start from the beginning.”

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Right now:
I knew it would be great, I knew it, he thought to himself as he rubbed his hands. Perhaps he still remembered feeling the bones dissolve, but it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm.
I can make it even better. All I need is a better way to hold it, some material that won’t dissolve. Something light, flexible… a material that won’t dissolve…
After a moment his eyes light with a distracted and consuming idea. But to make it work he’d have to collect something he left behind.

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On another plane:
“What are you planning on doing about it?” He tried to cover the disapproval in his voice, because he expected he already knew what she planned. He cared for her, though, and didn’t want to make her into an enemy.
She gave him a look that penetrated him deeply. “I’ll do what I must. It’s not as if I take any pleasure in it, but this can’t be ignored – and before you onject, I’ll do it alone. I don’t want any company this time.”
She left the room. And that was that. He would just have to let her go, how could he stop her, anyway?



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