Circle Of Eight


Tyrnoth Lost

  • Game Date: October
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Krrr, Faradey, Dandelus
  • Place: Temple of Truth and Wind, Tyrnoth Lost (now found)
  • NPCs: none
  • Summary:
    • To locate the lost town of Tyrnoth
    • Retrieve 3 books that created 3 of the evil artifacts: The Armor of Horrible Transmutation, and two others

[Editor’s Note: This summery was written some months after the events took place and as such may be a little sketchy.]

  • First, we traveled to the Temple of Truth and Wind to do research. Dandelus and Travis went inside to research for 3 days while the others waited outside. Travis discovered that one of the books he was reading was altered. This is extremely bad. He was able to use Time Pool to witness the original writing of the book to learn what had been altered but not who or what subsequently altered the book. Travis did not revert the information in the book to the original form as this would be a form of blasphemy against the church and would be suspect in this and any other alteration. This information combined with Dandelus’ maps gave us the location of Tyrnoth Lost. Travis informed the High Priest of Vergoth about the alteration in the book.
  • We ported to Tyrnoth, had a fight with some thorn bushes and Travis debuted his new Flame Strike spell. Dandelus was able to map out, using Locate Object, all the books in the area. Travis ran into a burning house, partly his fault, to retrieve books and turned to stone when he looked upon a stone scroll held by a ‘stoned’ mage. Krrr ran into the same burning house to rescue Travis when he looked upon the same scroll and turned to stone. The others had to wait for the house to burn down before finally rescuing Krrr and Travis.
  • We were able to retrieve the two books we were looking for with some difficulty. One was in a mansion the other was in a temple. The temple was a little harder with the big undead creature and such. Faradey had his alignment changed at some point during the fight.
  • As it was getting close to dark, we left town to recuperate away from the vampire-infested area. We are left with what to do about Faradey’s alignment change and the stone ‘statues’ inside and around the burned down house. The last book, the one for the Bloodsword, is supposed to be in an armory on the other side of town.



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