Circle Of Eight


To Plan a Raid and Rescue Princess Wren, again

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Anwar, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Korberg, Peleston, Counting House Town, Ravenscroft
  • NPCs: Lord Walsingham, Sanovar, Princess Wren
  • Summary:
    • Prepare to raid the The Outward Path’s Counting House
    • Rescue Princess Wren

Forum Post – Background Info


  • First we start planning the raid. Krr and Anwar go to visit Lord Walsingham at the King’s court to get his ‘permission’ of sorts for a raid on the Counting House. Basically just to cover our asses. They have some difficulty navigating court to get to Walsingham. Meanwhile Travis and Faradey scout the town with the Counting House and interrogate the cultist Sanovar further about the tunnels and the security at the House. We learned from Sanovar: There’s a changing system of security through the tunnels to the counting house. Also, the tunnels are used by other groups. There is a system of Magic Mouths along the paths challenging and guiding a person through the tunnels. The counting house is under constant surveillance by ‘eyes’ placed in statues, paintings, or on the walls. There is one floating eye that seems to stay with a creepy guy with a monkey. Travis tries to Memory Read Sanovar, which ends up taking a full day to work to relive the memory of the last time Sanovar entered the Counting House. Travis got some info about the tunnel experience and some info about Sanovar’s dealings within the cult as that is what Sanovar was thinking about during his last visit. It turns out that Sanovar’s aberration creature project was underfunded and as a result the troglodyte creature was able to break free. Sanovar was competing with Kyan’s Nexus Engine project for funding.
  • Back at court, Krrr is having some very bad luck talking to people and is essentially escorted out. The authorities will even write a letter to Kulira. Krr also has a negative encounter with a mime. During this time Krr overhears some info about Princess Wren leaving town with her baby and the Prince doesn’t know where she went. Anwar was stuck elsewhere talking with some random court people and runs into a musician who talks Anwar into playing a duet. Ingvey, the musician, invites Anwar to a gathering that night which Anwar declines. Anwar then tries to track down Krrr. Krr’s situation with the mime worsens. With great restraint, Krrr leaves. The next day they try again and are successful in meeting with Lord Walsingham. Anwar takes the lead in the discussion. Somehow Anwar agrees to Walsingham’s intent to deal with some corruption at the Citadel. Walsingham seems to be ok with us dealing with the situation about the cult but there would be two to three days before a top down clearance would take effect. It gives us a window to get in without any possible interference from corrupt elements becoming aware of our intentions. Krr asks about Princess Wren and her apparent disappearance. Walsingham was very concerned to have Krrr asking about Wren and tried to pump Krr for further info. Krr only had courtly gossip but Walsingham made it clear the court would like Wren and the heir back.
  • Back together at Peleston we strategize some more. Travis learns about Wren’s disappearance and he scrys for her. She is found in a garden wearing basic but nice clothes and she is alone and seems in good health. Travis opens a portal to outside the garden. Krr and Faradey come along. Anwar stays behind. Travis is about to cast Rapport on Wren to make contact but his Detect Scrying goes off and Travis starts walking away nonchalantly. Faradey follows suit but Krr doesn’t catch on and flies off into the trees looking for ninjas or something. Just then a black carriage thunders down the road slowing just enough to let out a man dressed in black, very evil, carrying a rapier. He says there’s nothing to see here and to move along. Being suspicious Travis challenges him and he replies that the Circle of Eight is not needed here and to move along. The coach stops in front of the manor house letting out a few more people, all evil, some magic and polymorphed. Travis says to the rapier wielder, ‘Fine, we have better things to do anyway.’ Travis turns, grabs Faradey and casts Etherealness and makes a beeline for the baby. He materializes, grabs the baby, bampfs out again, zooms down to Wren and grabs her in the same manner. Travis uses Telepathy with Wren to get her story. She fled the castle because of the change in attitude and because of the king’s cousin, the one we rescued from the demon plane. Wren went to Ravenscroft to seek out her midwife who she could trust but due to internal political stuff at Ravenscroft she was secreted away to a manor outside of the city. There is a faction in Ravenscroft connected to the family’s history wanting to use Wren and the heir as pawns in their machinations. It would seem that the vampire element has returned. The manor was monitored magically with an automatic scrying kicking in upon intrusion. In this case the black carriage. Travis materializes at Krr’s location and opens a portal to Peleston, sending through Wren and the baby into Kulira’s care while bringing through Anwar.
  • A fight ensues. We charge into the garden and fight things. Faradey pegs someone in the head just over the wall. Krr has a bit of a rough time with one of them (a polymorphed monster, I think) but barges into the house to rescue a nearly dead woman. He does so by picking her up and doing a mighty leap through the ceiling to the second floor. It kind of works, he’s partly stuck in the floor. He finds the rapier wielder there. The bad guy relishes the opportunity. Krr healed the woman on the way up. Faradey then enters the house. Travis finally enters the garden after casting a spell. The rapier man (undead) invites Krr to climb out of the hole and instructs the civilians to run away screaming. Anwar and Faradey are fighting something. Travis fights the thing that Krr was fighting on the ground floor. Henrick popped in to finish the creature Anwar and Faradey was fighting. Anwar joins Travis. The fourth man (another creature) appears at the front door and faces off with Faradey. Krr casts Flame Strike on rapier man. Anwar is about to deal the final strike on the creature but Henrick appears and gives the final blow. Just then a waiting Travis casts Dimensional Anchor on Henrick. Faradey must have killed his creature because he then leaps through the hole that Krrr made to join the fight upstairs. Travis casts Dispel Fatigue on Henrick, while Anwar casts Remove Curse. Krr deals another blow to rapier guy as he turns to smoke and flees through the hole in the roof created by the flame strike. Down below Henrick feels better enough to remove the ring and drop it on the floor, Henrick disappears somehow. Travis safely collects the ring and places it into his bag of holding in the hopes the ring being in another dimension would offer protection. Krrr and Faradey go after the fleeing rapier smoke man. Krr leaps from the roof onto the carriage swinging his axe on the way down as Faradey shoots a holy water arrow at the smoke. Once the ring is secure, Travis heads outside. Anwar checks on the civilians but there’s nothing he can do for the one dead guy. Krr blesses a water skin while Faradey continues to shoot arrows. The smoke then turns to a cloud of bats. Krr calls the carpet Zoom and directs Travis to ride after the bats to attack with the light saber. Travis first tries the holy water and continues attacking with the saber as Faradey shoots arrows for as long as they are in range. Meanwhile Krrr inspects the driver of the carriage who had been sitting still this whole time. Krr finds the driver to be a hollow set of clothes that collapses once touched. The horses bolt with Krrr in the driver’s seat, eventually stopping in town at the market. Travis keeps chasing and attacking as the bats descend towards shrubs and such. Eventually he turns back to smoke and goes into the ground. There’s nothing left we can do with him. We head back to the house to deal with stuff.


DM Aftermath

The stable hand cheerfully guided the two guests in through the side door of the Well and Whetstone Inn, passing them off to Bruce for menus and payment. So far the job here was trouble free, in spite of what he had heard about adventurers. He turned back to the stables and was shocked to see that in the grass was a twisted heap, what might have once been a person. He backed cautiously into the inn, not able to tear his eyes away from the sight that was nowhere to be seen just a few seconds earlier. Calling to his boss in a strained voice, he was relieved to have the large man’s experienced form step past him into the yard.

The barkeep sighed, “poor bastard.” And to the new stable hand he added, “Go fetch a constable, I’ll see if there’s a priest for final rights.”


DM Aftermath: Part 2

  • Faradey refused to give up hunting the vampire, and stalked the area he went underground. Relentlessly scouring, circling and stalking into the night.
  • Krrr claimed the black horses in the name of the Co8, which helped his mood a bit as they decided to recognize his general awesomeness
  • Travis, feeling it was urgent to return to Peleston for reasons (actually a singular reason) he was unwilling to admit to, rode with Anwar back on the new horses. They took the body of the dead man with them rather than discuss when he should get raised in front of his family.
  • Krrr rode Zoom to see the Lord and Lady Ravenscroft, partly to tell them what happened, mostly to get an explanation.
  • Everyone was still unclear on if, when, and how much should be relayed to Lord Walsingham, or anyone else for that matter.
  • Krrr insisted that his stop to speak with the Lord and Lady was in no way a tactic to delay being scolded by Kulira at all. Really.
  • Upon reaching Peleston, Travis did a very heroic, brave, and knightly thing: he spoke face to face with Wren… He didn’t even run away a little.

How Wren became the target of a vampire kidnapping attempt:

The easy part of the story is in why she left the castle without escort or word of her destination. Known a to be a free spirit, Wren has embodied a more anti-establishment mentality her whole life. As the daughter of a Lord, she managed to contest the proscribed expectations in harmless but unmistakable ways.
The introduction of the king’s cousin, a merciless and regimented woman with “princess” status, forced a collision of personalities that the younger woman soon found intolerable.
With Lilian’s capacity for sorcery, Wren began to feel it unsafe for her daughter to stay so close. Not that Lilian would commit treason, murder, or other direct harm to the heiress of the realm, but that she would corrupt the youngest princess in a subtle fashion.
That,and the growing emotional distance with her husband, gave Wren the impulse to run off and find a place to live more to her own wishes.

She could not have known that the haven she sought was wrapped in an intrigue of it’s own.
The Ravenscroft line was thought to have ended with the death of the last Lord at the hands of the Circle of Eight. (An act they were not condemned for, due to circumstances of undeath and all). They exhaustively searched for, and discovered, living twins in the bloodline, and established them as the current Lord and Lady Ravenscroft.
Since that time, they have struggled with certain aspects of leading. The lands they now ruled had decayed and been ignored, for the most part, and only one city remained (even Peleston had been destroyed, though it is recovering from that state).
Taxes of the populace were critical in the growth of the lands, but ill fate had befallen some of the collectors. An investigation into the cause of these murderous thefts eventually uncovered a “new” relative.
A vampiress by the name of Lorraine Tussand (known as “the Lioness of Drae") would have been in line for the Ladyship, were she actually alive. The Great Archive records her as “thirsty, unstoppable, and vicious”. Her fate was thought to have been one where she was, in fact, stopped, seventy-three years ago. What has since been learned is that she was released from some form of imprisonment to find her cousin dead, and replaced by mortals.
The Lioness of Drae then schemed to take not only power over the weakened Lordship, but also a high status in the royal court. Aiding her designs were her five courtiers, each a vampire under her influence. She thought of each as both sons and husbands and servants, and was incensed after one was slain by heroes protecting the Lord and Lady Ravenscroft.
Of the four who remain, this is known:

Raymont LeClaire: once a capable sheriff, earned the alias of “scourge of the highway thieves”. As a vampire, he now leads a strong band of those villains to destabilize trade and commerce, or perhaps to gain infamy within the merchants guilds.

Rozair Boudro: a.k.a. the Lion of the Thirsty. Lean and vicious, his bloodlust makes him a terrifying bodyguard to Lorraine Tussand. He also acts as an enforcer with the others close to her, should the need arise.

Bernard Tremblay: believed to have been a traveler before being turned. Said to be of good humor, but dangerous.

Zacharie LeBeau: “the Charmer”. Young and rakish,often seeks more attention than would seem prudent. Known to have charmed and turned several young women, their current fates unknown.

It is also understood that Tussand is highly adept with magic. She can, in some fashion, summon or create demonic servants, and create or control creatures of the night. She also is known to have vast resources for divining, but whether that is her own skill, or some other source has not yet been discovered.


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