Circle Of Eight


To Raid the Scriber's Den

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Travis
  • Place: The Well & Whetstone Tavern, The Outward Path’s Scriber’s Den
  • NPCs: Adventuring party (Amata, Bonham, Elestine, Henrick, Thadeous & a dwarf)
  • Summary:
    • Deal with situation at the tavern
    • Raid the The Outward Path’s Scriber’s Den


  • After interrogating Sanovar, member of The Outward Path cult, we went to a tavern, The Well & the Whetstone, near to where Malark’s travel wayside was attacked. Sanovar is still in tow. The tavern is filled by low level adventurers. As we enter Bruce, brother or brother-in-law of the owner, approaches us to look into an altercation out back. Travis feeling he should fulfill his knightly duty agrees that we’d help. We go out back and see a fight. An adventuring party is deciding who will win a piece of loot, a magical ring, by fighting. The contest is between two of them. The battle is boring, between two mages using melee weapons. Travis volunteers to step in for Thadeous the mage, and Bonham, a huge fighter, steps in for Henrick. Travis uses his fists to win the fight. Under protest from Elestien that no weapon was used and Bonham quit, Travis picks up a stick and whacks Bonham with a critical, breaking his leg. Travis goes for the ring but Henrick gets to it first. Travis warns that this would be a matter of law by stealing the ring. Henrick mutters, “I wish I could win every battle.” Henrick instantly disappears. [The ring was very magical: A Ring of Very Literal Wish.] We then go back into the tavern.
  • It is decided that we would turn Sanovar to stone with the crown and leave him at the orc camp.
  • We came up with a plan to go after the “scriber’s den” without tipping our hand to the cult such that the “counting house” moves location. The idea was to spread a rumor at the tavern of an underground dungeon out in the wilderness, something that would attract low level adventurers. The idea is to pose as low level adventurers when we go there. We have some low level stuff to leave behind and come up with alternate names: Anwar – Faziz, Dandelus – Vladimir, Faradey – Callus, Travis – Foltest. From Travis divination we expect that an offsite alarm would go off and trigger potential scrying.
  • We portal into an area about a half a day from the location to set up a shoddy camp and leave some tracks leading to and away from it. Faradey is very good at covering tracks. Anwar sets up the camp and the rest of us deal with the tracks. Anwar has a random encounter, a land urchin. There’s a fight, Anwar nearly kills it when second one shows up. One hits with a critical paralysis attack. Anwar critically fails his save. The urchins wander off. We return to camp some time later to find Anwar on the ground paralyzed. Travis helps with his healing skill while Faradey and Dandelus tracks the urchins because they contain valuable pearls. They track the urchins to some bushes but can’t locate them to shoot at them. Faradey tries to rouse them by throwing some rocks into the bushes but to no avail. Just then Faradey is surprised by the urchins as they attack. Some blows were traded and just before the last urchin fell Henrick appeared out of nowhere and struck the final blow and disappeared. Faradey and Dandelus brought back the bodies and extracted the pearls.
  • As we got near the dungeon, Travis spotted a magical line. Our guess is that it surrounded the area. It was likely an alarm. Dandelus uses his thief skill to disable it. At the dungeon we find a secret door. Anwar tries to force it open, then Faradey tries to force it open and succeeds at opening it a small bit (breaking the mechanism), just enough for invisible Dandelus to squeeze through. Dandelus attempts to fix the gears while encountering a weird rat which he fights and hits critically, killing it. The door is fixed enough to open.
  • We light a torch and descend the stairs encountering a bunch of flying rats without wings. We fight them off. One of the rats is different and squeaks a loud sonic attack. Faradey kills it but the specialness of it transfers to another rat and continues to do so as Faradey kills them. After a bit they all die, the last one being killed by Henrick who appears out of nowhere to give the final blow then vanishes.
  • At the bottom of the steps is an empty room with one door. The door is magically trapped. Dandelus tries to disable it but critically fails setting off the trap. Both Dandelus and Travis critically fail their save and take damage. Travis decides to lift the rug to see what’s underneath, nothing. Anwar examines the rug but critically fails his roll and starts ranting about heathen rugs and swears destruction on the Cult of the Outward Path for the gall of having such a rug. We open the door and find a long corridor with icy slick floor, walls, and ceiling. It’s dangerously cold. Faradey, with his Boots of the North, goes first up to two doors on either side of the hallway. Travis steps into the cold and casts Resist Cold on Dandelus. Faradey opens one of the doors and attacks the undead thing inside. Anwar uses his Shield of Warmth as a toboggan to slide down the hallway to Faradey and joins the fight. As they finish off the undead the door behind them across the hallway opens and two shadowy arrows flies off towards Faradey. Faradey fails two saves and loses some stats, temporarily. There are three undead archers in the room. Faradey fights them but somehow looses the use of his left arm. The rest of us enter the room to melee. The fight doesn’t last long, ending when Henrick appears to deliver the final blow and vanishes. We loot the rooms and venture on but Dandelus turns to ice, we immediately take him into a side room to warm up. We also drag another poor frozen adventurer, likely a cleric type, into the side room. Travis casts Destroy Water to remove the ice from both Dandelus and the other one. The adventurer is dead and we loot it.
  • After a bit of time making sure Dandelus is good to go we look to the only door in the room. Dandelus unlocks the door triggering a trap. The rug falls away revealing a 20 foot pit which Faradey falls into. We use Anwar’s rope to help him out. We open the door to find some scribes getting up from their desks and running away. One is about to shout as Faradey shoots an arrow pinning him to the floor stifling his shout. The rest freeze. We search them, tie them up and loot the room.
  • We then make our exit the way we came in but Travis critically fails his save in the frozen hallway and is incased in ice. The party carries the frozen Travis up the stairs with difficulty and out into the night as the guards start searching for us. Dandelus throws them off with ventriloquism. We continue on until they can find a safe place. After a few hours they set up a camp and start a fire. Hours pass. At dawn a bit of the ice cracks. More time passes, much more wood is added to the fire. There is little progress. After a good night sleep, Dandelus successfully casts dispel magic, removing the ice.



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