Circle Of Eight

8/1/2010 Ulko's Nineteen

Holy Crap that's a lot of undead

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr
  • Place: Nourd Tyr
  • NPCs: Ulko’s Nineteen
  • Summary:
    • Send the king back to his castle.
    • Start dealing with Ulko

from Travis’ Journal

  • After sending the king back to his castle. Krr and Travis went to the orc camp to find out what business the king had with the orcs. We learned that the king needed to discern the orc’s loyalty. He also needs the orcs to shore up the border to the north of Peleston in case the northern lord moves his troops to the south.
  • We then spent time divining about Ulko. And we went to the Temple of Truth & Wind to do research. Travis cast Time Pool to view the death of Ulko and the resurrection of Ulko. Ulko was brought back by a shaman and 19 other dudes who sacrificed themselves. The shaman gave his body to the spirit of Ulko.
  • Travis spent some time transporting the king’s troops to the north and then we went to the burial mound of Ulko. There we found 19 undead guardians, there was a big fight. Faradey did most of the fighting, since he’s immune to energy draining. We won. They had some tattoos, some religious in nature but any specifics would be determined later.
  • Krr speaks to his spirits and learns that Ulko can only be destroyed by collecting the artifacts of the heroes that first killed Ulko. The Shaman bag (draws spirit into it) [at the orc training camp], Mythril Arrow of slaying [at the frigid mountain peak guarded by ghosts], Needle of Planar Sealing (stitch the bag shut) [on some other demon plane].

from Knowman
Ulko had left 19 undead minions behind – tough undead minions. Might have been wights, I don’t recall the details of what happened when they hit us. But they hit us a lot.

Travis took out a whole bunch with a well-placed Wall of Fire, and then leaped into the fray with his light-saber. Faradey did what Faradey does and hacked through a bunch of them too.



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