Circle Of Eight

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Mountains north of Winchendon, Shadow Plane, Astral Plane, unfamiliar place on Ithor
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus, Kennet
  • Summary:
    • Retrieve the Star of Elyria
    • Kill the dragon
  • Back in Peleston just after Krrr drops of Wren. She chastised Kennet and compelled him to come to the aid of the Circle of Eight for the sake of the King and the kingdom.
  • Dandelus was the first to strike the dragon. He attacked the wing with the Stormsword which did nothing then the Dragon Slaying [DS] sword did some damage. Travis pulled out a dagger with Continual Darkness bits, threw it at the dragon but it bounced off. (Its AC is 31 without bonuses.) Sir Pelecus goes in for a swing but misses its claw which then strikes at Pelecus. Pelecus resisted for a moment but was then stomped on. Pelecus is now stuck under the dragon’s claw. Anwar struck the dragon with his holy sword three times before causing a wound. Faradey sends a swarm of bees at the dragon. Dandelus attacks the wing with the DS sword again and the lightning sword does some damage this time. The dragon casts an area Dispel Magic. Some of us lose our Fire Protection. Faradey shoots one of his explosive arrows against the dragon’s wing. Travis runs for Pelecus and Etherealizes him to safety. The dragon speaks about his disappointment with the situation and is about to boast that he’s all big and mighty when Kennet teleports in. The dragon hopes Kennet is here to repay some debts. Kennet nods, no. Krrr animates a rock to roll towards the dragon in a sneaky way. Faradey attacks again with his armor piercing bow. Faradey strikes a critical. A big critical worth 180 points of damage. The arrow pierces its face and explodes. The dragon sits up and roars in pain. Travis drops off Sir Pelecus near the dragon. Travis appears near Faradey. The dragon breathes fire and the bees are gone. Faradey taunts the dragon. Krrr moves his animated boulder onto the dragon’s foot and shoots his boom stick (submachine gun). Kennet speaks to the dragon in draconic. We get a message through the air messages spell from Aoife. To paraphrase (with possibility for some error in translation), Kennet demands the dragon’s surrender or else Kennet will go nuclear. The dragon wants to negotiate and wants Kennet to leave. Kennet just then looks to the sky and shouts a warning to us all, MOVE! Kennet flies straight up. Anwar jumps on the magic carpet and moves away from the immediate area. Krrr attempts to shout something in draconic but fails miserably. Pelecus drinks the potion of flying. Travis casts Repeat Action on Faradey. Faradey repeats exactly the big critical from the previous round of 180 points of damage. Faradey continues to attack. Travis and Faradey begin moving away. Dandelus moves towards the cave and saves against a Dispel Magic glyph. He sees a big chest and an image of Wren crying to be saved. Dandelus doesn’t fall for it and does a Lance of Disruption against the locked chest. Travis keeps an eye to the sky and sees something falling from the sky and Kennet flying towards it. Travis prepares to escape the impact by Etherealness with Faradey. Krrr tries again to threaten the dragon, more successfully this time. The dragon snaps its claws and flashes a big toothy grin as the area becomes darker and windy. Pelecus asks the dragon where the Star of Elyria is. Dandelus’ Lance of Disruption hits the chest which cracks it open and a bunch of stuff spills out. Shiny baubles as well as a dark cloud of something. The falling object fills half the sky at this point. Travis and Faradey Etherealize out. Pelecus stands his ground. The dragon turns his head towards Pelecus who can see through the wound in its face a gleaming bit of gem, the Star of Elyria. The conditions in the area get much worse. Anwar is blown off the carpet and he crashes hard. The cave ceiling collapses. The meteor impacts and after a few moments when the dust clears a crater can be seen. The dragon, Pelecus, Krr cannot be found. Anwar is dusting himself off. Kennet also cannot be seen; the last we saw of him it appeared as though he impacted against the meteor high in the sky. Dandelus is trapped for a bit but is able to free himself with an Airy Self spell. After some ethereal scouting which turns up nothing Travis and Faradey rejoin with Anwar and Faradey.
  • Travis attempts to find where Krrr went. First he tries looking in the border areas of adjacent planes. Then tried Thought Capture. Travis captures Pelecus’ thought, “I must not allow this creature to escape.” Travis then reads a Time Pool scroll. He sees the doppelganger transport everyone to the shadow plane. We then Plane Shift to the shadow plane. Faradey attempts to track Krrr. After many attempts and some effort we track and find Krrr’s body. Krr is not responsive. Krrr is in some kind of trance. He is holding the Star of Elyria and the Kings spirit is here. Krr is traveling Astral somehow. Travis casts Speak with Astral Traveler and asks Krr to return. He does.
  • Krr tells us Pelecus is fighting the dragon somewhere. We Planar Shift to Korberg. We hand the Star off to the appropriate people who can fix the King and Plane Shift to the Astral Plane. We slow things down and recharge our spells. We follow the same plan as before. We find the dragonflies in a meadow and look through the Astral Color Pool trying to find Sir Pelecus or the dragon. Looking through the color pool for a bit we don’t see much. We pass through anyway and listen. Travis and Faradey hear a draconic voice coming from the trees. We all head in that direction. Upon reaching the tree line we notice trees that neither Faradey nor Travis are familiar with. We seem to be in an area Travis has never been to before. The dragon breathes fire and sets the forest ablaze. There’s lots of heat and smoke. We all have Protection from Fire so normal fires do not affect us. Dandelus uses a filter spell, Anwar uses a Wind Servant, Faradey and Travis use a wet scarf to deal with the smoke. We still go forward, some flying some walking. Krrr casts Dimensional Anchor on the dragon, it seemed to work. Faradey casts irritating bugs on the dragon. The doppelganger appears behind Krrr copying Krrr. Travis uses lightning bolt against Not Krrr. The dragon attacks Krrr. Krr tries to Dimensional Anchor Not Krr but fails then Dandelus backstabs Not Krr. The dragon takes flight. Faradey shoots an arrow but it’s deflected before reaching the dragon. Dandelus tries Air Chains on the dragon but does not get through its magic resistance. Anwar tries to Abjure Chaos on the dragon. It seemed to succeed. Faradey shoots a regular arrow which hits and follows up with a critical hit of 60 points of damage. The dragon swings around and breathes fire & poison towards Faradey, Anwar and Travis. Travis casts Repeat Action on Faradey’s 60 point attack. Faradey attacks again for what seemed like it might be a fumble but turned out to be a critical of 54 points of damage and a save vs. blindness or deafness. It saved. Faradey followed up with another arrow.



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