Circle Of Eight


To Rescue Krrr

  • Game Date: Early summer, early June
  • Party members: Dandelus, Faradey, Travis
  • Place: Beach on the west coast
  • NPCs: Princess Wren, Raak,
  • Summary:
    • Escort Princess Wren back to the capital
    • Rescue Krrr


  • After taking Wren on a shopping trip for a swimsuit, they return to the beach with Faradey. Faradey, while trying to teach Raak orienteering and tracking, found Krrr’s stuff sitting in a pile. Krr’s tracks led to the ocean. It had been three hours since he disappeared. Most likely he was charmed by a siren. It was decided Wren, the baby and Raak would stay with the locals while the rest of us tracked down Krrr.
  • Travis cast Water Breathing on Aoife, Dandelus, and Faradey. We entered the water and Faradey began tracking. We didn’t really find anything but decided to head towards a nearby island in the hopes it might be the home of some sirens. It would take an hour to swim there. Instead, we invented water skiing. Faradey rode on Zoom (the flying carpet) while towing Travis. Travis used the Rod of Flamboyancy as a stick to tie the rope to and Dandelus’ spell Air Jordan creating a bubble of air under Travis’ feet. Dandelus and Aoife flew. At first it didn’t go so well. During a showboating pass by the beach, Travis wiped out spectacularly. Later Travis was bit by a shark. We arrived at the island in pretty short order. Faradey spoke to the shark that attacked Travis to try to find Krrr’s location. The shark, Cochran, related some info about the location of what he called witches in a nearby shipwreck.
  • Faradey scouted for a bit then we set off for the shipwreck. We swam for a bit, sometimes not so well. Travis collected some coral. Eventually we found the shipwreck. We approached it very carefully. Faradey spotted cave but we decided to investigate the shipwreck first. Before we could Faradey heard a noise that turned out to be a hag under the illusion of a pretty siren. When she saw Travis she tried to charm Travis by singing. Travis pretended to go along until he got close enough to do something but when he felt the ineffective compulsion to disarm and shed armor, it was time to act. Travis cast Hold Person then tied and gagged her. Travis used ESP to question her so as not to risk any verbal power she may employ. Travis couldn’t understand the language she thought in so he gave the ESP ring to Aoife who could understand and continued to question her. We learn Krrr is in the hold happily drinking away, or so he thinks. There are two water witches and possibly something else in the cave. Just then the witches’ sister arrived and cast a lightning bolt at us, hitting the first hag as well as Dandelus and Faradey. Travis and Faradey swam to attack the second witch. The witches’ blood is black and acidic. On the final attack that would have killed her she dimensioned door out simultaneously. She returned to Krrr to be healed. We then headed to the ship to get to Krrrr, leaving behind the first witch. As we entered the ships hold we saw Krrr. Travis tried casting Dispel Evil on him but failed with a fumble to hit Krrr. The now healed witch no uses another lightning, hitting us all. Dandelus falls. Faradey rushes in to use the healing sword and Dandelus is back up to full. Krrr uses his Withdrawal to heal while Faradey rushes in to attack the witch. Dandelus tried a spell but she resisted. Travis succeeded in freeing Krrr from his charm and water breathing. Travis had to cast Water Breathing on Krrr and the rest of the party to extend their time. There were a couple of electric eels nearby that chose this time to attack, poisoning Travis. Krrr used Neutralize poison on Travis.
  • Now that Krrr has a weapon and his boots back, we headed for the cave. Inside we encountered the two hags, the first one having been released. Travis was the first to attack one of the witches, the one Travis killed before. Just the some dark tentacles appeared by a spell from nearby. Everyone in the cave including the witches, except those who save, is subject to the tentacles. One of the witches uses lighting again. Dandelus attacks somehow and smacks that witch against a wall, bringing her below zero. Travis follows up with a devastating critical of 112hp. Faradey attacks the remaining witch. Dandelus attacks and kills the last witch. We made a search for loot and found lots of copper and gold coins and such. Travis needed to open a portal to the beach to transport all of the loot.


We have long been looking for economic opportunities for Peleston. I believe that Winchendon’s first (and only) Illustrious Academy of Epic WaveJumping is going to bring in some serious cash. Good job, Travis!


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