Circle Of Eight


Sphere of Defense

  • Game Date: Early October
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Dagun (Scott’s dwarven healer)
  • Place: Peleston, Hakenum town, somewhere in Winchendon
  • NPCs: Xobel (Sarsi merchant/mage/book collector)
  • Summary:
    • To remove ‘Armor of Horrible Transfiguration’ (evil artifact) from guard
    • Retrieve Book of Defense for Xobel


  • We tried to forcibly remove the armor from the guard but were only partially successful. After speaking with Hep we learned that Mylas Gualt kept notes on the armor but the notes were sold to Xobel who lived in the former Hakenum town of ?
  • We made a deal with Xobel to retrieve the Book of Defense in exchange for the notes. We also made a wager that we could do so in under a month, the prize being access to his library and maps.
  • The book was supposed to be located in the ruins of a mage/hermits home. The ruins were easily found and were not so ruined. We found a dome embedded in the ground with no visible means of entry, no secret doors, and no traps. I used Stone Shape to open a hole in the stone only to find a wall of water just within. We discovered a wall of fire just under the wall of water. After an Ethereal scouting trip it was determined that the dome was in fact a sphere of stone with a sphere of water, fire, and air layered within. Each layer was 3 feet thick. It was obvious at this point that there must be a portal or an extra-dimensional space at the center, a quick spell revealed the presence of an extra-dimensional space. This negated the possibility of going ethereal into the center. Dagun had the idea of creating a tunnel of rock reaching into the center to protect us from the fire, which we did.
  • Upon reaching the center of the sphere, we discovered a circular floating rug surrounded by opaque gas. There were some chests, shelves with books, a bed, tables, a pile of rags (with dead body), 20-40 small toy sized iron golems, and one 16 foot iron golem (invisible at first). A fight ensued with the small golems and then the giant golem. Anwar sidestepped the giant golem to search the pile of rags where he found an amulet that protected him from the golems. We then retreated to the outside, the golem destroying the tunnel as we did so.
  • We decided Travis would enter the sphere through a new tunnel opening in the top with the amulet and search for the book. Travis searched (with difficulty) each chest, table, bed, etc. without finding the book but retrieving many items of interest. After translating the text on the giant golem, I figured the book was within the golem. It took a successful casting of Time Pool to learn the password to open the golem. We took turns in retrieving the books from the trapped shelves triggering most of the traps in the process. It took several days and many spells to complete this task. Upon leaving the area the sphere collapsed into nothing leaving a crater behind.
  • We brought the Book of Defense back to Xobel but not before reading some of it ourselves. Xobel gave us Mylas Gualts notes and we returned to Peleston after arranging to return later for the library and maps.
  • The notes revealed the method to safely remove the armor. The victim must read backwards from a certain book that is located in the ruins of Tyrnoth Lost.


Hey, we can go and read all of Xobel’s library books and look at his maps!


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