Circle Of Eight


The Great Shrimp Festival

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr
  • Place: Peleston
  • NPCs: Arhain (Merchant – sells vodka), Actors (Vino – likes to act drunk; Scrabbers – scares children; Juno – parodies strongest man in town; Lepto – mime, juggle, rope walk), Desmond (priest of Padras), Roger Fritz (Avatar for Taurin the Trickster)
  • Summary:
    • Party!
    • Deal with bracelets and appeasing the Trickster god Taurin.


  • As people arrived for the big party we found a great many people were wearing glowing bracelets. No one remembered exactly where they got them from but they may have tipped or given over some cash for them and not remembered doing so. We investigated. The bracelets were of illusion/alteration magic. Krr asked for a bracelet from a passerby and unwillingly put it on. Travis asked for the bracelet and he unwillingly put it on. He then believed the bracelet gave him +1 to Wisdom. Travis removed the bracelet and put it in a bag, in a few moments the bracelet disappeared. Krr and Faradey encounters part of the kings advance party and warns them of the possible danger. They take appropriate actions. We later figured out that the god Taurin the Trickster is responsible for the bracelets. We learn that he needs to be appeased to avert the effects of the bracelets. On returning to town the bracelets began having odd random effects: skin color change, height change, glowing eyes, etc. We found Roger Fitz (Avatar for Taurin), to ask his help/advice to appease Taurin. Krr announced to the crowd a raffle/riddle contest the price of which is the bracelets. Roger takes to the stage and presents a bit of a show somewhat at Krrr’s expense. Krrr was a good sport. Faradey after a few moments became part of the show. Travis then became part of the show. We perform a song and dance to many cheers. Roger disappears. Kulira comes on stage with the king. She gives a grand speech and gives medals provided by the king to Krrr, Travis, Faradey. The king gives a speech declaring this a holiday. It’s April 1st. This appeases Taurin.



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