Circle Of Eight


Outer Space

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Capt. Hearst (Dave)
  • Place: Alien prime material plane (home of power source), Starship Torrent
  • NPCs: Captain Mike Hearst, Cmdr. Jill Tompson
  • Summary:
    • Fix the planar contamination
    • Starship Torrent responds to distress call


  • The Starship Torrent receives a distress call from a cargo ship. When arriving at the ship they discovered no life signs. A party was assembled and beamed to the ship. They returned 30 seconds later after having been attacked by zombies. The medic was partially turned and the party beamed back. After the doctor examined him Anwar had a chance to lay on hands. This brought the medic back to full health. After a bunch of back and forth and scanning and such we assembled another team with us this time to go over to the cargo ship.
  • We took a shuttle over to the cargo ship and made our way to the science room encountering minor zombie resistance, which Faradey took care of easily. The computer guy accessed the terminal but could not get past a system error. Just then a non-corporeal undead came through the terminal. It looked liked one of the crew members. The Torrent crew retreated a bit but Faraday, Travis, and then Awar attacked. Faradey and Travis did damage before the spectre retreated into the bulkhead. We then moved on to the mess hall and fought 5 zombies easily. Then it was on to the bridge where we found some more zombies and the captain zombie for a short fight.
  • The computer guy accessed the logs and learned some things. The cargo ship took on some ore along with an item. An archeology ship, the Brennon, docked with the cargo ship and took the item bound for the Mustang mining facility. Shortly after a security alert was called and the logs stopped there. An image of the item was found in the log. It was a tablet of some sort. An ancient language was found in the area and basically mentioned something about breaking a seal to release a curse. We then cleared out the rest of the ship. At the cargo bay we found 3 spectres. One of the red shirts was turned to a spectre during the fight. We had to kill it. Captain Hearst was severely wounded and Faradey had to use the healing sword on him. We made sure that the ship was clear and clean, the bodies were incinerated. Faradey went to the sick bay on return to the Torrent having received heavy injuries. As an experiment he asked to be shot with the phasers that were modified for use against the specters and it healed Faradey.
  • We tracked the science ship the Brennon and found them out of control. Most of the crew was huddled in safety in containment. The captain and a scientist (who worked on the tablet) were turned to specters. The crew rigged up some better phasers and an artificial sunlight to prevent the specters from draining. We transported to the bridge and fought off the two specters while Captain Hearst shut the engines down. Travis and Faradey did not fare well in the battle. Travis sort of died and Faradey’s legs were broken. Once the engines were down Hearst ordered an emergency beam out of us and the survivors. Travis’ constitution is halved for a week.
  • The next day one of the engineers was able to rig up more powerful phasers and another sunlight thing. Travis was able to help by casting a Heal on Faradey while they took some readings.
  • We returned to the science ship, defeated the specters, and secured the tablet. We found that the tablet was cursed. It messed with Faradey for a bit before he broke the influence. After getting some commune questions answered the tablet was jettisoned and destroyed. The commune revealed that the asteroid the tablet came from was clean and there were no more undead left created by that tablet. There were some other artifacts left in their universe though, but the creators were gone.



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