Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date: Late November, Early December
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Faradey, Krrr
  • Place: outside of Tytenopardus tomb, Peleston
  • NPCs: Antiocus (leader), Ninsar (spokesperson), Salu (old street friend of Travis aka. Sali)
    • Visit Tytenopardus Tomb site
    • Witch 5/6 & Earth Elemental attack


  • We went to the Tytenopardus tomb expecting to find treasure after dealing with guards and stuff. Instead, we found a large excavation in progress. Most of the good stuff was already gone. The leader, Antiocus, was outwardly friendly and open but was really evasive and evil. Ninsar was also evil. We talked with them for a while and with some of the workers there. I even ran into an old street friend of mine, Salu. After some carefully worded questions and ESP on Ninsar Travis realized they were worshipers of the Nameless One. It’s apparent they were looking for artifacts and needed the sarcophagus and the ankh as well as other artifacts for some nefarious purpose. They did not need the Torq. After learning this, we returned to Peleston.
  • At Peleston we were attacked by the last remaining Witches Three, the Witch 5/6s and her summoned earth elemental. Krrr used Battle Cry to great effect causing the witch to physically attack Krrr and not spell cast. Travis was able to successfully cast Dispel Evil on the elemental, banishing it back to its home plane; but not before it dealt massive amounts of damage to Anwar. Once the elemental was gone Faradey was able to fire his arrows at the witch removing a layer of Stone Skin with each hit. On his first hit after the Stone Skins he scored a critical that killed the witch.
  • After the battle, we divined that Antiocus and his group knows we have the ankh and plan to come after us in the next day or two.



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