Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date: Late December
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr, Anwar
  • Place: near Dentin
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Find the Gate to reach Khassa Vole
    • Deal with players being other’s characters


  • Some weird thing happened the day after we were playing cards with the Deck of Cards Krrr got from the alternate prime material plane. Somehow we were a little off that day. [As players we each played another of our characters: Brian was Faradey, Scott was Travis, Dave was Anwar, and Matt was Krrr.]
  • We ventured into the wilderness to find The Gate to find Khassa Vole. At one point Krrr had to set off an avalanche to climb a slope safely. We then were ambushed by some gnolls; we saved one for questioning and found out where the caves were. When we got there we just bypassed the gnolls by ethrealizing. Then we came upon an open area after some blockages. After returning to normal space we fought some pottery golems. It seems that the golems had been created by a skeleton posing as a dark imposing figure with a magical potter’s wheel. Krrr killed the skeleton. Krr picked up the potter’s wheel and threw it through the only door in the room destroying the door along with the trap. After some more exploring we found the library and the map room. The map room had a big map on the floor of Ithor including some islands offshore that Travis does not have on any of his maps. Travis studied the map very well; and will create an exact copy later with Modify Memory. There were also 3 emerald colored gems in the map that indicated this location and a spot in Winchendon (in Alton’s lands) and a spot in Hakenum (near the trolls). Leaving that, we passed some more traps and a chasm. After the chasm was an open area. In the open area was The Gate. Travis operated the control panel opening the gate allowing a T-rex to pass through. We didn’t fight but went through The Gate instead.



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