Circle Of Eight


To Escort the Princess

  • Game Date: Early summer, early June
  • Party members: Dandelus, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Peleston, Road to Korberg
  • NPCs: Princess Wren, Raak, Sir Tondelay, Sir Bromine, Sir Rescafain, squire Veclan
  • Summary:
    • Escort Princess Wren back to the capital
    • Deal with Lord Alton’s knights


  • Princess Wren relented and agreed to travel back to the capital but she didn’t want to rush it. So, we traveled the slow road and took our time. First, to hide from prying eyes we loaded up onto Krr’s pirate ship only to portal out of the cargo hold to the south. The first small hamlet we came to was called Falling Water. We encountered a worker with a broken wagon wheel which Travis fixed with Shape Wood. The next stop was an old Galantine temple. During lunch Travis was the first to spot a green orc amongst the ruins. The orc wears a bandana on his head. His name is Raak. His magic bandana aids him in learning new skills. It seems this is his favorite pastime. He spends his time attempting and sometimes succeeding to learn new things. He joins us for a short time as Krrr teaches him orienteering and other things. He is very enthusiastic about learning. We set off with Raak taking up the lead.
  • A rare bird appeared running along the road before diving into the woods. It was a spiked dove that was being chased by Sir Tondalay and three other knights loyal to Lord Alton. Sir Broline (a disagreeable, angry man), Sir Rescafain and the young Veclan, squire to Sir Tondalay. Three are some level of evil but lawful. All with magic weapons and armor. The old one, Sir Rescafain, has some kind of magic sight. They stop and confer amongst themselves. Then the angry one Sir Broline demanded we turn over Wren for delivery back to the king. We all object. Krrr becomes locked in an epic battle of intimidation with Sir Broline. There were a great many insults at deafening volumes. Travis uses his Eminence skill wrapping him in an aura of divine power. Sir Rescafain, with his infernal vision, can likely see its full effect but Veclan the squire is the only one to nearly run away. The attitude of the knight change after this and Sir Tondaly speaks to quiet Sir Broline and demands directly to the princess to come with them. Wren rebuffs and claims Travis as her champion.
  • Travis nonchalantly dismounts and Tondelay does not. Travis attempts to make the fear from Eminence take hold on Tondelay’s horse. The horse resists but is now jittery. Tondelay charges Travis with the finely crafted lance and narrowly misses. Rescafain uses his tactics skill to help Tondelay. Krr heckles loudly. Dandelous stays with the princess and uses a Psychedelic Ward. Tondelay makes another pass and misses again. Only now does Travis draw his sword. Tondelay makes a third pass and this time Travis uses the light saber to destroy the lance. Tondelay tries to hit Travis with the remainder of the lance and misses. Travis follows up by cutting a saddle strap and slapping the horse on the ass with the flat of his blade. Tondelay is dismounted whether he likes it or not and his horse runs off. Krrr continues to heckle, “I could just hold him down for you!” Sir Broline can no longer handle the stress of watching his compatriot be continually outmatched while hearing the biting taunts of Krrr and launches off his horse and runs at Krrr. Tondelay comes at Travis on foot with a long sword and hits; Travis also hits. Krrr fights Broline while still heckling. The fight continues for a bit but changes when Travis fumbles and throws his weapon away. Krrr taunts some more and throws his weapon down. Broline and Tondelay follow suit. Travis opts to grapple Tondelay in an effort to finally put Tondelay down but the tables turn on Travis. Travis tries Call Upon Might to adjust his strength but it doesn’t really work. Krrr defeats Bromine and leaves him lying in the mud. Travis uses Ethrealness to escape the hold Tondelay has on him. He uses this chance to climb high into the sky, materialize and cast Flame Strike as he plummets to the earth. Travis shouts for all to hear as a divine burst of fire erupts from the heavens, seemingly from Travis himself when viewed from below. The fire strikes and envelops Tondelay scorching him for great damage as Travis roughly impacts the ground. Fortunately he donned the Belt of Kinetic Absorption while in the border ethreal. Travis received 59dmg reduced to 29dmg because of the belt. Travis regains his footing and stands tall eyeing his smoldering opponent. Tondelay takes a knee and surrenders the fight.
  • Krrr approaches the princess triggering the Psychedelic Ward and suffers the effects. Wren solidly chastises the knights. When she finishes we hear hoof beats coming around the corner to reveal Raak riding in on Tondelay’s horse. “I learned riding!”



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