Circle Of Eight



  • After napping and getting new spells Krr Divined the location of Sir Pelecus
  • We ‘ported over to the ruined temple where Sir Pelecus was located
  • He was standing watch over a demon that regenerated, every few minutes he had to whack it with his sword to keep it down
  • We used holy water to kill it for good
  • A little later a big fight ensued
  • The soul eating demon was banished along with Sir Pelecus who was connected with the demon at the time
  • Gru was banished
  • The snake teleported away with Krr
  • 4 iron demons and a couple of imps were dealt with
  • It was decided that in the absence of Krr we would continue with the plan
  • We traveled to the tower ethereally and met Shade while still ethereal, Anwar turned Shade’s ghost
  • A big fight ensued with Evinstrike and 3 bigger imps with breath weapons
  • Kulira came a bit later and got rid of the crystal thing, it fell outside the keep
  • Krr came a bit later than that and helped with the fight and kept people from dying
  • The fire imp was the first to fall, a victim of the Wand of Ice Shards
  • The acid imp destroyed Travis’ armor and boots as well as Krr’s boots and maybe others
  • Evinstrike finally fell at the hands of Faradey in a one-on-one, fight-to-the-finish duel
  • The other imps were killed as well
  • Some mopping up and rescues followed
  • Sir Pelecus was rescued by means of a Gate scroll that Travis read
Details about the Asturian Elves we rescued
(from Thom’s 6/10/2003 email)

Of the 5 elves held captive there were 3 women and 2 men. They were all abducted in roughly the same way at generally the same time. They lived within an area of Asturia known as Teitena Wessena, which lays along the far western coast. They have a gentle climate and live among great trees that stand as tall as some mountains.

None of them had known each other, or were apparently associated with each other in any way. They each were alone near the shore, and on the ground when an unseen or invisible force grabbed them. Each was injured and stunned, and soon carried here by way of some misty/clouded/obscured path. It seemed as though the travel lasted less than a day. Once here they were tortured and blinded (although they now learn that they were simply placed in darkness…

So, as far as who they were before becoming captives of Evinstrike:

  1. Gydianain Farreacher – a mid aged elf educated in astrology and navigation. He has a wife but no children, parents but no siblings. As a hobby he cultivates figs.

  2. Hunarialla Othelenotha – a generally youthful woman who’s time was spent collecting shells and weeds from the rocky beaches. She dabbled at crafts and art, and was teaching herself to speak the language of sea otters. She is unmarried and childless, but has two brothers who work to build homes in the trees.

  3. Iteni Iana Ivo – A mother of a grown son, she cares for elven children and bakes for her neighbors. Her husband died upon the sea many years ago, and she has not remarried. Her son has recently married, and she hopes to be a grandmother soon.

  4. Allardin Fawngloves – a trapper and hunter, well aged. He has a wife, two children, and three grandchildren. He suffered from a cough before being captured, and is fairing the worst of the captives. Still, he is recovering. He is allergic to the papinta fruit.
    Note from Dave: I think this is the fisherman guy, I will need to find the email that references that.

  5. Linme Rovinkolotai Summersong – a middle-aged, married elf with no children. She, along with her parents and sister, sing and write songs. She was courting an elf priest, but the relationship was drifting. Her favorite food is baked scrod with a wedge of papinta fruit and fig sauce.



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