Circle Of Eight


The Astral Plane

  • Game Date: Late December
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr, Dandelous
  • Place: Astral Plane, Alternate Prime Material Plane
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Find Magic/Anti-Magic Filter in Githyanki fortress in Astral Plane
    • Chase down astral travelers who stole the Filter first to Alt. Prime Material


  • After three weeks of casting for Krrr’s Restoration, Travis goes a little nuts, what with sitting still all that time, and jumps at the first chance to travel far, far away. It just so happened that the bard Lysander had been doing research for Travis’ armor all that time and located an object uniquely pertinent to the armor’s creation. That object was on the Astral plane. Travis couldn’t have purchased an Astral Rod fast enough allowing the party to Plane Shift to the Astral plane.
  • Garson’s familiar, a smoke mephit, named Badink had scouted the location of the object, which was in a Githyanki fortress. The Githyanki had devised a way to filter the very nature of the magic and anti-magic forces of the Astral plane into separate energies allowing them to co-exist safely. This Filter would no doubt be heavily guarded.
  • Prior to our plane shift, Dandelous cast Invisibility on the party. Special potions were divvied up knowing that the effects on the Astral plane would last for our entire stay. Upon our arrival in the Astral plane Travis had a bit of a seizure and passed out. A few moments later Travis came around and was able to cast some spells that adjusted him to the Astral plane. We imbibed the potions: Speed for Travis, Strength for Krrr, Invulnerability for Faradey and Dandelous. Badink led us to the Githyanki fortress.
  • There was some construction at the fortress in preparation of attaching it to the main city being transported to this location. A Locate Object spell verified the Filters location as being in the center of the fortress. We decided to cause a distraction to gain entrance. Dandelous summoned some earth elementals at the work site and directed them to attack the workers. The objective is to cause enough injury to force the wounded to go inside thus opening the doorway. Once this happened we snuck inside while invisible. We didn’t stay hidden for long because once a mage looked in our direction an alarm sounded and the mage cast a lighting bolt our way. A big fight ensued, many Githyanki died, and at last we were victorious.
  • Making our way into the center of the structure, we encountered more guards and dispatched them with ease. At about that time the fortress shuddered, as if from a great explosion. When we got to the central lab, we saw the framework that held the Filter but the Filter itself was missing. We followed the Locate Object down a tunnel to a gaping hole in the structure opening to the outside. Venturing out we saw a battle of sorts taking place. Two elves in strange dress were being beat upon by many Githyanki. The elves were connected to silver cords stretching off into the distance. One elf was tightly grasping the Filter. His companion died and his form was snapped back along the cord, seconds later the elf with the Filter also died and was snapped back along the cord. As Krrr was attempting to throw a big boulder at the group of Githyanki, Travis grabbed Dandelous and Faradey, who was able to grab Krrr causing his stone to miss, and flew off in the direction of the silver cords at tremendous speed. The Githyanki could not give chase.
  • We arrived at a color pool leading to an alternate prime material plane. After a few moments we were able to determine that on the other side was a modern city about the size of Chicago. Shifting the view to the docks/warehouse area we stepped though and could not detect the Filter with locate magic. We encountered a band of orc thugs who attempted to accost us but were put off by Krrr. Then a police car pulled up with an elf sergeant and an orc officer. We told them we were lost and they surmised we were a part of the Lord of the Rings convention, they pointed us to the convention hall.
  • [Note: The following details may be sketchy, written way after the fact.] I believe we got a cab to take us around. For some reason we stopped at a magic store or something. Krrr bought a deck of ‘magic’ cards. We continued on to the convention hall. There were two conventions happening at the same time; The Lord of the Rings convention and one for theoretical physicists. We fit right with the Lord of the Rings crowd but the guards wouldn’t let us in the door with our weapons. Not wanting to part with our weapons we stayed outside. Travis used Locate Object to find the magic/anti- magic filter, which was in a hotel room. We may have used Etherealness to gain access to the room where we found two scientists resting from their excursion into the astral plane. There were some shenanigans which involved intimidating the scientists, learning what we could, terrorizing them not to go back for their own good (we have their ID’s), one or both escaping down an elevator, Krrr jumping down the elevator shaft and stopping the elevator, Travis Etherealizing into the elevator and intimidating a scientist to divulge the secret of black powder (part of it), returning to the room, collecting various items (robes, pillows, bedding, soap, coffee, candy, mini bar, booze, pen & paper, mirror, 2 ID’s from the Astral traveling scientists, stunner w/adapter, drinking glasses) and Plane Shifting out before the guards came.



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