Circle Of Eight


To Rescue the Princess, Yet Again

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Astral Plane, Mountains north of Winchendon
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus, Kennet
  • Summary:
    • Rescue Princess Wren
    • Attempt to Reclaim the Star of Elyria


  • We did lots of preparation for this rescue attempt. Lots of divination.
  • We enlisted the aid of Sir Pelecus, who came along on the mission. Kennet gave some aid beforehand.
  • Krr talked, magically, to the Prince. He rendered some aid and conceded we are no guilty of certain things. The Prince sent some priests to Peleston.
  • We bought some anti-fire magic from Garson Kord.
  • We retrieved the ‘Dragon Slaying’ [DS] short sword from Mix. Dandelus, with some magical preparation from Travis, infiltrated Alton’s castle and stole his ‘Dragon Slaying’ [DS] bastard sword.
  • Once properly prepared we went to the Astral plane to scry for dragonflies. Which we find. There’s a Hero’s Feast. Travis naps to regain spell points; we cast whatever necessary spells for the day and use a color pool to travel to the area of where the dragon’s cave is.
  • We encounter a couple of bugbears herding goats. They run away. Dandelus scouts ahead invisibly. One of the goats takes an interest in Travis. Anwar points this out and Travis looks at said goat and sees that it’s a polymorphed Princess Wren. Travis dispels the polymorph to restore Wren to her human self.
  • Just then we are beset by seven fire giants, and a bunch of hell hounds. The giants throw some boulders our way. The hell hounds close in. Krrr, following the plan uses Word of Recall to get the princess back to Peleston. Kennet will return Krrr. The fight continues. One volley of the giant’s boulders goes astray and takes out some goats. More fighting with Dandelus spending most of his energy attacking the giants. Kennet returns Krrr to the battlefield near the fire giants. One turns to Krr. More fighting. A new fire giant exits the cave. Krr leaps onto a big rock and shouts “lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt!” Krrr casts spell immunity for lightning bolt. Two of the throwing specialist giants are now dead. A fumble spell catches the area of Anwar, Travis and Faradey. Anwar and Travis fumble. Dandelus backstabs one of the giants with the Storm sword and the ‘Dragon Slayer’ short sword. The DS short sword hits with shocking grasp. The giant dies. No one sees when Faradey tries running out of the area and falls down. A hellhound critical against Travis and then promptly falls down on its follow-up attack. Travis moves away, out of the area of fumble. Pelecus advances to find the middle of the battlefield is trapped with crumbling ground over very hot water. Pelecus falls in. The giant spell caster uses Dispel Magic on an area with Dandelus, he loses only one effect. Krr somehow nearly takes a massive hit, 116 hp, but for some reason dodges it. Krr then casts Blade Barrier. All the giants make their saves and move away. The spell caster moves back into the cave and one with the shield moves toward Pelecus and attacks. Travis uses the Lightning staff against the giants at the same time as Dandelus casts Lightning against the same giants. The giants close against the party. Krr casts Withdraw to heal. There’s more fighting. The giant mage animates one of the fallen giants. Krr does a big jump onto a giant. Faradey shoots a paralyzing bolt against the giant Krr landed on. More boulders are thrown. A giant strikes Travis but the hit is absorbed by the Kinetic Belt. Just then the dragon flies over and taunts us. It flies back into its cave. Dandelus summons some monsters. They attack and disrupt a spell of the giant mage. Faradey runs and shoots at the undead giant. Dandelus backstabs the giant facing Anwar and Pelecus. He hits with the DS short sword and kills it. Anwar and Pelecus deftly step out of the way of the falling giant. The last remaining hellhound bites Travis in the back of the neck and does little damage but latches on. Krrr does another big jump against the giant facing Travis and it dies. Travis is not hit by the falling giant. Travis strikes the hellhound but it still survives. Faradey attacks the undead giant with his staff and with a little help from the Rod of Flamboyancy it dies. Dandelus backstabs a giant and does lots and lots of damage. Travis finally kills the hellhound on his back. Travis tries the Control Giant potion against the giant mage but he saved. The other paralyzed giant is killed.
  • The dragon arrives and lands. It asks if we’re tired and we need a minute to rest. It asks if we have our goat. Anwar engages it in conversation. The dragon asks about making an arrangement. It claims it no longer likes it current allies. Anwar asks, ‘what are you proposing?’ Travis and Krrr give it a good look trying to see if it’s holding the Star of Elyria. It doesn’t seem to be holding it. Krrr tosses the DS bastard sword to Pelecus. Krr runs to cover to read a healing scroll and says to Dandelus to get the Star of Elyria.



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