Circle Of Eight


The Outer Planes

  • Game Date: Late December
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey
  • Place: Outer Planes, Pocket Dimension
  • NPCs: The Guardian, Malark, The Goddess of Gallintine
  • Summary:
    • Speak to Malark face-to-face
    • Speak to minor god of plane protection, ‘The Guardian’
    • Speak to old goddess of Gallintine
    • Defeat Khassa Vole – in the present


  • [Note: Details are very sketchy, written way after the fact.] Faradey and Travis were dealing with some business in Destin or something when they were suddenly whisked off to an Outer Plane. The sounds of a fierce battle dominated the air as they sought to gain their senses. To one side of them stood a wall, a very tall wall stretching as far as the eye could see in either direction. On this side people ran about with purpose, to support those that stand on the wall keeping everything from getting past. It was clear this was a battle that seemed to be raging forever and the wall was showing some signs of strain. Considering the sound from the other side of the wall, sounds no mortal man should ever hear, this is a very important battle.
  • We were summoned to meet with the leader here who is a very large, imposing, scary looking God. Travis refers to him as The Guardian. He is the protector of planar boundaries and such. To say he was upset may be an understatement. Apparently, there was a little bit of a breach recently. Also, Travis and company recently visited another plane and brought back several souvenirs. These two events may or may not have been related but one thing’s for sure, The Guardian draws the line at mini bars and plush robes. He stated that Travis was plane shifting in a dangerous way and needs to learn the proper method without ‘leaving the door open’ so to speak. The Guardian pushed this info directly into Travis’ mind and returned to his duties.
  • At some point we noticed someone new pop in, a dead soul who didn’t fit in. Everyone here was a fighter of some sort, battle hardened and battle weary of sorts. If there were a paradise for seekers of blood, violence and horror; this place would be it. The newcomer was clearly in the wrong plane. He seemed righteous, just and innocent. Travis knew just where to take him. He belonged with one of the old Gods, the Goddess of Gallintine.
  • Before returning the lost soul, there was another person we were to meet with. This man was calm and unassuming. He seemed well worn, wore a hat and carried a walking stick. He was average in every way, save for the fact that Travis appeared nervous around him. Upon meeting him in a tent, Travis turned to Faradey and said, “Faradey, I’d like to introduce you to Malark. My God.” I’m not really sure why we met with him. Maybe it was just a pat on the back for Travis or something else but I think he pointed us in the direction of the Goddess of Gallintine; or maybe he came with us. In any event we set off on one of the many roads that led between planes.
  • We returned the lost soul the lands of the Goddess of Gallintine. This land was very different from The Wall. It was peaceful and serene. Many knights were present with their shiny armor. There may have been a tourney. There were many tents and workers of the type one would expect from this environment. Travis briefly spoke to an armorer about leather working. I think the Goddess of Gallintine wanted a word with Faradey, something about Khassa Vole, an evil wizard. She said we must kill him in the present and kill him in the past or some such thing. Anyway, we were sent to some kind of pocket dimension that was the current home to the present form of Khassa Vole.
  • In this pocket dimension there was a scary tower surrounded by a dark nightmarish land. We gained entrance to the tower somehow, bypassed some traps, fought some things and finally Faradey faced Khassa Vole and defeated him or the spirit of him. Whatever form it was he was dead in the present. We got some loot and Plane Shifted home.



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