Circle Of Eight

  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Astral, Alternate prime material plane
  • NPCs: Kravit(dead), Mary the Hippie
  • Summary:
    • Find Kravit
    • Deal with Outward Path cultists


  • First off we went to the Astral plane to the correct color pool to where Kravit transported to. Travis moved the color pool to look for the remnants of Malarks hostel. The view shifted to 1200 feet above the location. Jumping through Krrr casts Feather Fall and we float to the ground and land in a meadow with baby goats about a quarter mile from the nearest village.
  • We first headed for the rubble that was once part of Malarks hostel. Travis searches for any Malark related items. He finds a chest with some journals and maps which we take. Then we try tracking but fail so Krrr takes to the skies on his carpet to scout. He finds some recent signs of trouble that had been cleaned up. There was a mound as if something dug a hole and the hole collapsed. There were some foundations but no buildings as well.
  • Krrr returns as we see a group of natives approaching us. We go to greet them. They are singing and holding hands as they approach. They hug us as greetings. Except to Krr who decides to intimidate. They accept us anyhow. They’re basically hippies, the peace and love, vegetarian kind. They bring us back to their village for dinner/festival. We speak with Mary who tells us about what happed after the arrival of the outward path and such. Some of their people died. One person was left behind, Kravit. His dead body was in the temple. The cultists moved off to the north. Mary says they took some villagers, some of whom were injured, with them. They came during the night; there were attacks and such before they left. Kravit tried to defend the village but fell in the attempt. Krr spoke with dead with Kravit. Kravis says it was an accident that he came here. There were three cultists all spell casters and a monster which is bigger than a hill giant with big talons and nasty teeth. We asked him if he wanted to be raised and he said not at this time. He also mentioned that his leg paralysis may have had been Malark’s doing.
  • During the feast we learn they worship the Goddess of Peace. They had a big god’s war about 500 years ago. She’s the only survivor because she snapped and killed the rest off saying, ‘No more war!’ Afterwards she made peace as a way of life.
  • Krr asks about dragons. They say thousands of years ago through fire there was born a dragon. It had a scary name but they call it Puff. It had anger issues. After the dragon wars they talked to it and explained about peace and such and the dragon shrunk down to the size of a goat and lived peacefully. It sounded to Travis like an allegory and not history. They tell us about what lies to the north. There’s a capital like city of 10,000 about four days ride. There’s also some mud baths with cliffs and vines, they says it’s very serene and the moon is special there. The moon is a light green.
  • We set off the next morning. We started following the underground trail by use of one of Krrr’s spells. But quickly we take another approach since they have such a head start. Krr does some divination questions and determine they are at the mud baths. They have there some device similar in purpose to a moongate. So, we portal there.
  • When we land we see a robed undead thing with skeletal hands and glowing eyes and glowing staff. We attack, Krrr on his carpet, Dandelus tries to dispel magic, Travis releases a spell and Anwar moves forward. Dandelus dispels the light from the skeletons staff. Anwar Turns Undead and the skeleton is destroyed. A spell caster jumps out from the mist and casts Hold Person on Anwar; Anwar is held. Some mud clad skeletons pop out. Krr cast Dispel Magic for Anwar and he is no longer held. The cultist cast Melf’s Acid arrow on the magic carpet, Zoom. The carpet fails but then somehow miraculously saves when Dave uses a character point to reroll. Anwar destroys four more skeletons. Travis attacks the last skeleton but there was a glyph on the mud armor which explodes with a negative energy drain, Travis and Anwar are affected. A skeletal bear appears. Another cultist appears and casts Dispel Magic on Dandelus; he remains invisible but falls from the sky saving himself with Feather Fall. Krrr attacks one of the cultists by leaping off of the carpet. Travis misses his next attack. Eight more skeletons show up. Krrr is beset by a swarm of bees. A cultist casts a spell at Dandelus which causes a landslide, Dandelus deftly avoids it. Anwar faces off against the skeletal bear. Travis again hits the skeleton but leaves it with one hit point. Anwar turns the skeletal bear, it runs away. The skeleton attacks but misses Travis. Then the rest of the skeletons arrive to attack. Dandelus casts Lance of Disruption on the two cultists. Krr after having dunked in the mud to rid himself of the bees emerges with two skeletons. Travis finally lights up the saber and kills the skeleton. Anwar lights up with Faerie Fire. The eight skeletons attack Travis and Anwar. Krrr uses Battle Cry which affects the three cultists. Anwar turns seven of the skeletons to dust. Dandelus uses Lance of Destruction on the cultists again, killing one. Travis strikes a skeleton in the head, killing it without setting off the glyph. Krrr tussles with two skeletons in the mud just as the ground begins to shake and rattle. One of the cultists cast Magic Missile against Dandelus. The ground cracks open beneath Krrr. Krrr leaps away just as the mutated troglodyte breaks the surface setting off the two skeletons glyphs of negative energy drain; Krrr is unaffected but the troglodyte is not so lucky. The troglodyte snaps at Krr and somehow Krr ends up balanced on the nose of the creature almost falling in its mouth. Travis casts Flame Strike but the creature saved and it’s resistant to fire. Anwar continues to hit it. Krr is able to avoid falling into the creatures jaws. A cultist and two skeletons face off against Krrr. The other cultist casts Magic Missile on Dandelus. Dandelus uses a spell to hold the cultist. Travis comes in for a flurry of attacks but only hits once. Anwar does more damage to the beast. While the cultist is held Dandelus cast Magic Missile on the troglodyte and it dies falling on one of the cultists killing him.
  • Sanovar, the last remaining cultist, is taken prisoner.
  • Inside the cave we find what is called the Nexus Engine or part of it, used to transfer mystical energy from this place to not this place and back again. Esper speaks up to say that the Engine itself is likely on some kind of other plane or multidimensional space, not Ithor, and accessed from elsewhere. It appears as a bunch of holographic like runes, which was already here before the cultists arrived. We do some investigations.
  • We clean up the battlefield as best we can and clear out remaining undead. Burn the bodies and practice whatever last rights are appropriate



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