Circle Of Eight


And as Always, Kill the Dragon

  • Game Date: ?
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Astral Plane, unfamiliar place on Ithor
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus, Dragon, Kennet
  • Summary:
    • Find the King, Star of Elyria, Kennet’s spirt
    • Make a Deal with the Dragon
  • We started on the Astral Plane again, Travis loved it as always. The others didn’t really care for it. Travis once again adopted a weird appearance. After a time people were getting antsy. Suddenly we were set upon by three globby things. They attack; Dandelus is coated in gloop and Faradey was completely enveloped by one. Krr tries Flame Strike against two of them to little or no effect. Travis tries a Globe of Fire to the one surrounding Faradey. Dandelus tries Lightning on one. Turns out that was a bad idea, it healed the glob and split it into two. Travis tries Control Temperature to make it much colder, thinking it might freeze the globs. The one on fire isn’t much affected. Anwar is still maintaining his Unseen Servant spell he cast earlier to keep them at bay from Dandelus. Dandelus cast Cone of Cold against some of them to great effect. Krr tries to push Faradey plus his glob into the Wall of Fire which he does. Krr becomes enveloped. Travis casts Destroy Water on the one surrounding Sir Pelecus which works very well, it’s destroyed, and Pelecus is free. The Wall of Fire finally destroys the one surrounding Faradey and he is free. Travis destroys another one with Destroy Water. Anwar continues to protect Dandelus who casts Ice Bolt and kills the last one. Krrr neutralizes Dandelus’ poison.
  • There was a lot of discussion about the dragon and plans and lots of things. Ultimately Sir Pelecus goes to speak with the dragon. We send him through a color pool and watch him through that. The dragon is still where we left it on the island lounging in the ash of the fire it set off earlier. Sir Pelecus arrived just moments before the Shadow Mage doppelganger with the Star of Elyria/King/Kennet arrived from Korberg. After an initial cold greeting, the doppelganger steps out of a shadow with kings body in tow. The doppelganger is in the shape of the Prince. Krrr uses ESP on Kennet. He is thinking/hoping this is a clever plan and waiting for his chance. Travis uses Telepathy on Kennet and learns a bunch of things. Kennet says that he had been studying the Star of Elyria for a while and believes it is at least as old as Winchendon and is not of this world but not extra-planar. It is a very powerful artifact. We tell Kennet all we know about the dragon and its plans but leaving out the bit about The Nameless One. We discuss a bit about Kennet’s sources of power with his agreements and such.
  • Sir Pelecus gets the dragon to admit its desire for the Star of Elyria, at least in part, has to do with an exile. Kennet mentions the doppelganger is likely getting worn out. The dragon tells of its plan for the Star of Elyria. It says it’s getting tired with all its machinations over the last years. It can’t trust Lord Alton or King or Kennet to watch over his things/stuff while the dragon sleeps. The Dragon would be exiled from Winchendon. Dragon asks the Circle of Eight for a guardianship; basically leave its affairs alone. It wants the Star of Elyria and king here to enforce any agreement that would be made. Kennet can now speak and claims that it can’t be that simple. It also wants us to actively protect its affairs. There is a lot more discussion amongst the party. We lean towards a deal. The Circle of Eight steps through the color pool and negotiations begin. Kennet at some point asks dragon about the games that it plays and if it gets power from them. He struck a nerve with that question and the dragon becomes less coy. It keeps its info/mercenary network out of the deal, meaning that it’s fair play for whatever we choose later. There is some discussion about the Star of Elyria. The dragon’s plan is to swap the King and Kennet’s spirits. Krrr, subtly, brings up the suggestion of Kennet taking doppelganger’s body. The dragon isn’t really that excited about it. It asks for a DS sword in exchange, we decline. The negotiation turns towards length of term. It continues pushing for a term of ‘as long as we are able.’ The dragon performs the spirit shift so that Kennet is in the doppelganger, the king is in his body, and the doppelganger is in the Star of Elyria. Eventually an agreement is made.



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