Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Dagan
  • Place: Town of Thenelhoven
  • NPCs: Aburn, Lauran, Michean & Lea Bellows, Maynard, Baron Victor Elgin, Messenger
  • Summary:
    • Investigate death of fighter trainee in Peleston
    • Deal with Vengeance people


  • Aburn Bellows – dead father of killed fighter trainee; farmer, ex-military; rash youth/adventurer; disagreements with Victor Elgin
    • Found with symbol for god of vengeance on his forehead
  • Maynard – leader of bad guy group who killed the fighter trainee
  • Michen Bellows – killed fighter trainee
  • Robert Bellows – Michen’s older brother was killed a while ago
  • Lauran & Lea – Mother and daughter Bellows;
    • Missing, seems to have been taken
    • Taken by Maynard, paid by Valdir head of the merchant/thieves guild in Thenelhoven
    • Valdir is keeping them alive; they are waiting for someone
  • Elgin family – feud with Bellows in a previous generation, lots of death something to do with property stuff, horse, minor stuff; more recently the killings started again with the mark of vengeance
  • Baron Victor Elgin (cousin of Lord Alton) – used his position to influence someone named Maynard to his cause
  • Neeb – Dockside snitch
  • Resnik Web – Stole the Obvious Pouch, we have his location
  • Judge Janevs – incorruptible
  • Upon arrival in Thenelhoven we visited a tavern to get the local news, then went to the Bellows house. We found that the Mom and daughter were abducted. We learned about the family’s vendetta from a journal Travis found at the house. The guard went to the house but that guard (guard Joe) had a crush on the daughter and wanted to find her on his own and did not report it to the guard captain. We found that the local guard did not know of the missing people so we had to inform them. The reaction was odd, they wanted to stall us there while they went off and did stuff. They wanted us to go the inn and stay there. We went but then left for the docks. We found a snitch at the dock tavern and learned some stuff and Travis’ Obvious Pouch was stolen. Then we went to visit the town judge to learn more stuff but we didn’t get much. We then went to the graveyard to dig up the father Aburn to either Raise it or Speak with it. However, we found that it was dug up within the previous few hours, seemingly by a two people one of them small. Travis tried a Locate Object spell on the body and went to the docks where we did not find the body but we did hear a woman screaming. The woman was surrounded by some guys that cast some kind of spell on her. We subdued some of them but it turns out they were acolytes of Padras and removed the Vengeance Curse from the girl who turned out to be Lea. They found her under the warehouses in the secret thieves area. The mom used the strength from her Vengeance Curse to escape; she is likely to go after the Baron Victor Elgin. We made apologies to the acolytes. Travis went out to try to find the body. We found the body at the family farm waiting to be raised. Travis raised Aburn and reunited him with his daughter. Then we went to visit the Baron. Seemingly, to tell him of the murders but to insinuate that there is some third party taking advantage of their family history for some nefarious purpose. (There was no great reason to talk to the Baron. He was the big villain in this and follower of Vengance.) Then we scryed for the mom and ported to her location, running into Maynard and his gang who went ethereal. With some trouble and the appearance of the Baron, who was hunting the mom, we evacuated the mom and Guard Joe back to the acolytes. They were fixed and the family relocated to a faraway place.



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