Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date: October 17th
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Faradey
  • Place: Port town south coast of Winchendon and Malark Hostel
  • NPCs: Mac, Joe, OlivĂ©, Sams, Necromancer, Capt. Denton
  • Summary:
    • Investigate missing persons in town
    • Investigate Hostel


  • Anwar, Faradey and Travis went to a port town on the south coast of
    Winchendon just north of Banbury to investigate the disappearances at the
    Malark hostel. In the course of the investigation we discovered the
    presence of minotaurs and a group of seemingly military types posing as
    thugs who seem to be waiting for something in town. Two priests of Malark
    were sent in previously to figure things out; one went to the hostel and was
    swallowed up by the ground, the other priest, Mac, has been surveilling the
    area from town and waiting for us. At night we rowed a boat to the hostel
    stopping along the way to check out two pirate ships moored in the bay.
    After a brief battle with some undead and one undead minotaur, we were able
    to determine from the logs and charts that The Jade Wave was transporting
    minotaurs to the Malark hostel and The Black Falcon was hired to stop The
    Jade Wave. The Falcon almost succeeded when The Jade Wave’s captain died
    but a minotaur captain (with superior abilities) took command and was able
    to make it to the hostel.
  • The Jade Wave pirates and minotaurs were able to make it into the hostel and
    the Falcon privateers pursued them inside. When we entered the hostel we
    quickly realized that there was some kind of magical maze in effect within
    the building. The way it works is that when a door is opened it opens into
    a random room. There seems to be no logical pattern to govern the maze, any
    door can lead to any room and any room can have a different number of doors
    each time it’s visited. For a week the occupants of the hostel (priests,
    pilgrims, innocents, adventurers, privateers, pirates, minotaurs and undead)
    have been wandering about either trying to survive, avoid or seek encounters
    with various other groups. Many have survived while others have not. We
    got into a few fights while there: one with a group of three minotaurs where
    Travis scored the biggest critical I’ve ever seen against one of them (he’s
    still picking pieces of minotaur goo out of his hair) Faraday and Anwar took
    care of the other two, another fight was with a stony thing that came out of
    the floor. After that we were able to chase down the necromancer from The
    Jade Falcon and learn a little more about the minotaurs; there’s a minotaur
    captain, two mages, and a bunch of fighter types. We thought it best at
    this point to round up all of the innocents and pirates to evacuate to
    Peleston leaving behind the undead and minotaurs. Once everyone was
    together, including an inexplicable camel, we figured Peleston wasn’t up to
    the challenge of keeping the pirates in line or a curious thief from getting
    into trouble; it was decided that the orcs would be perfect for the job.
  • So, the orcs have the task of keeping the two pirate groups from killing
    each other, the necromancer from doing anything bad, and anyone from leaving
    until after the minotaur threat has been taken care of, at which point they
    can all be returned. The thief hopefully shouldn’t be too much trouble but
    has a tendency to magically charm people (like Anwar) and claim items that
    clearly aren’t hers (i.e. the camel and the coffee) which is another reason
    I wanted the group very far away from the evil artifacts.
  • By the way, once the party returned to Peleston we discovered Kulira was


Note for future reference – leaving orcs in charge of watching the pirates is how you get orc pirates. Not sure how we didn’t see that coming.


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