Circle Of Eight


Counting Our Loot and a Mysterious Visitor

  • Game Date: Early summer
  • Party members: Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Peleston
  • NPCs: Dagun, Zeta, Misty
  • Summary:
    • Distribute the take from the Counting House
    • Go over old loot
    • Meet with a mysterious visitor


  • Travis and gang examined the loot they’ve gathered over the years.
  • Travis experimented with the ghostly skillet. He fried a tomato. Travis determines the fried tomato is enchanted. Krr eats it. No immediate effect is detectable. Krrr, with his newfound magic items, is feeling a little mischievous and starts a water fight with Faradey. Faradey gets soaked but Krr does not get wet. He seems to be repelling water from a small area around his person. The shenanigans continue as Zeta turns a corner only to be hit with a bucket of water. Zeta responds with fire against Krrr then follows it up with some flour and syrup. This continues for a bit before people run outside. Krrr goes to the lake.
  • Krrr went out to the water to attempt to wash off but the anti-water magic had yet to wear off and he ‘walked’ on the water. Just then a boat of Nordic refugees arrived. They spot Krr, still covered in syrup and flour, and see him as a good omen and call out amongst themselves as Krrr plunks into the water. They made their way to shore.
  • A woman from across the river arrives on the ferry, and someone calls to Dagun to attend to her healing. She is very pale and seems to suffer from extreme blood loss. Krrr heals her back to health, Travis can see she is enchanted and her memory was recently modified. She says her mistress needs to speak with the Circle of Eight.
  • When we are all gathered the message is relayed. To paraphrase the head vampire concedes to the Circle of Eight and states that Princes Wren is no longer part of their plan. Travis’ reply, ‘We hear your message and respect that Princes Wren is no longer part of your plan.’ The enchantment ends. Misty looks very young but in fact is 60 years old. She had been a vampire thrall for a very long time. We all go to great lengths to determine she is clean of anything magical or whatever. Travis is able to gain glimpses of where Misty was being held but nothing specific from her memory. Dagun offers her a job.



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