Circle Of Eight


IM Adventure

  • Game Date: Late December
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr, Anwar
  • Place: Harper’s Falls , Juliard’s tower
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Find out where the Midik fanatics went
    • Make them all dead and get the eyes and souls back


  • The next morning we set off after the Midik extremists. Following their trail led us to an abandoned campsite with no tracks leading away. We surmised they took off on a flying carpet. Krrr flew around to scout and found a nearby village which we checked out. We learned basically nothing and returned to Destin to speak with the Shadow Clan.
  • The leader told us they had agents watching potential victims. As it turns out the next most likely victim is Juliard, Kennet’s apprentice. Some of the Shadow Clan, along with Lycender & Ra’ul, came with us to speak with Kennet. Kennet suggested that one of us pose as Juliard and lay a trap for the fanatics. Travis was somehow nominated.
  • There was a big fight. When the Midik leader received a mortal blow his chest opened up into some kind of sucking rift thing that sucked nearby souls into it, from the living and the dead. After some frantic hitting of the body and such, the body was sucked into the rift which began to close.
  • It was then that Travis spotted the eyes we needed and announced he was jumping into the rift, which he did. Anwar and Krrr followed. The Well of Souls is a hot and dry place. It was a simple matter to collect the eyes and souls and Plane Shift back home.



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