Circle Of Eight


Tyrnoth Lost II

  • Game Date: October
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Krrr, Faradey, Dandelus
  • Place: Tyrnoth Lost (now found)
  • NPCs: 3 agents of Lord Wessex
  • Summary:
    • To retrieve the book for the Bloodsword.
    • Deal with the agents of Lord Wessex
    • Kill Lich


  • Immediately at the end of the last adventure, we were met by three agents of Lord Wessex: a ranger, a priest of Vergoth, and a female fighter. They wanted to arrest us on charges of trespassing, arson, and looting. They had some kind of political complaints. We were able to talk our way out of it and keep the important books. [The agents appeared to be LG but magic revealed that was not the case. It did not however reveal their true nature.]
  • They wanted to revive the statues, which Dandelus did. From the sage with the scroll we learned that there is some evil thing that needs to be killed and only the dead paladin that Anwar beheaded could do it after he was revived. Unfortunately, he could not be revived without a head. Luckily, Faradey met the requirements to do the job. We agreed that we would take care of the problem ourselves after a nights rest away from town in the camp of the agents.
  • The next morning we set out for the church. We etherealized to the armory and found not much. The bloodsword book was not there and we set off alarms. It turns out the agents got to the book first.
  • We returned to the church by etherealness. First, we fought some ghouls. Travis fumbled with the light sabre. Once the ghouls were dead, we went downstairs and encountered some sort of barrier of death or undeath or something. We passed it and entered a chamber with a bunch of undead things and the big boss we needed to kill. There was a big fight; Travis got two major criticals on two separate creatures. Faradey killed the boss, everything else was dead and we left all the loot behind. We then went back upstairs to figure out what to do and how to leave the church.



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