Circle Of Eight


To Retrieve the Dragon Slaying Swords

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: unfamiliar place on Ithor, Astral Plane, Shadow Plane
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus, Faradey
  • Summary:
    • Find the Dragon Slaying Swords
    • Kill the dragon

Forum Post – Aftermath

  • We are still fighting the dragon. Pelecus is on the ground. The rest are flying and chasing the seemingly retreating dragon. Krrr quickly realizes he’s toying with us. Just about that time Anwar is snatched by the dragon’s claw. Krrr gives chase on his carpet Zoom. The dragon climbs towards the clouds and then makes a dive towards the ground. It’s plan to auger Anwar into the ground. Krrr casts Feather Fall just as Anwar is released and Anwar is saved. Krr uses Word of Recall with Anwar. Meanwhile, Travis regroups with the rest of the party. Travis casts Etherealness, then portals to Peleston. The party regroups then Plane Shifts to the Astral Plane. Things slow down and we regroup.
  • The plan, find the dragon slaying swords. First up though was lots of discussion about how to deal with the dragon. Thinking about how to weigh down the dragon to keep it from flying. During this time we encountered the ejected contents of a destroyed bag of holding. Travis scrys for Alton’s DS bastard sword and Gilead’s DS sword. The vision is dark, like Shadow Plane dark. Krr asks Commune questions to verify their location. They are on the Shadow Plane and they are in the same location. Preparations are made to travel to the Shadow Plane. Later, it comes up in conversation that Pelucus’ oath to Lord Alton ended at the time of Pelecus’ death.
  • We Plane Shift to the Shadow Plane. Aoife was sent to Peleston before we left. Faradey cracks a joke as we arrive and he senses danger. This area of the Shadow Plane is darker and sounds are more muted than other areas we have experienced before. Faradey seems to be detecting some negativity, like the Negative material plane. This area may be close to the Negative material plane somehow. Just then two shadow mastiffs appear. Krr starts with a Flame Strike and the mastiffs charge. Anwar and Travis strike. Dandelus casts his Air Disruptors. Krr casts his Frrrball. The mastiffs seem to get more ferocious. Travis kills a mastiff. Dandelus kills the other mastiff. Frrrball scouts around. Krr uses Find the Path. The party, save Travis, feels a weight pushing on their left side. Their cloudy vision begins to clear. They find they are lying on the ground on their left side. They attempt to stand but each find someone standing above them, standing on them holding them down. Krrr, upon finding his axe missing, sends Frrrball on a wider search of the area. Anwar reaches for his mace. Travis sees his friends become “zoned out”. Faradey does a special attack on the ground. Pelecus is moving very slowly. Travis casts Protection from Evil on Krrr in hopes to snap him out of it. Anwar attacks the shadow standing on him. Dandelus casts Light Shield. Krrr feels safer with the effects of Protection from Evil, and Krr uses an Orison to figure the right choice to make. That plus the Shield of Light gives him the thought that they may be under some confusion effects. They shake off the confusion and Anwar realizes he struck himself. It turns out to be an environmental danger. For a moment they perceived themselves as their own shadow.
  • Krrr tries Find the Path again. Frrball scouts ahead. A cloud breaks apart and two dozen things swarm toward us. Dandelus uses fireball, killing some and damaging more. Krr and Faradey use New Negative Plane Protection. Dandelus does some other kind of effect attack. Anwar uses a bit of his Wirlwind sand to attack a bunch of these shadow stirges. He hits all of them. All but five die. Travis attacks and kills two. Krr attacks and kills one. The two shadow stirges attack Faradey and Travis, one dies somehow. Dandelus kills the last one.
  • We get to an area that is very dark. Just then a shadowy squid like thing, cthulhu-esque in appearance comes into view. Faradey says this thing likely has an energy drain attack. Krrr prepares to close in with the shadow squid after casting spell immunity and battle cry. Dandelus sends a lightning bolt at the squid to good effect. Faradey shoots an arrow. The squid closes the distance almost instantly and attacks everyone with tentacles. Krr’s spell immunity goes off and Travis casts Free Action on Krrr. Anwar attacks and does damage. Dandelus’ Shield of Light is absorbed by the squid which heals it a little. Travis uses the staff of lightning. Krr casts Battle Cry, stunning the squid for two rounds. Dandelus does a magical attack. Anwar attacks. Travis does another lightning bolt. Krr casts blade barrier but the creature evades. Travis uses his last lightning and Dandelus uses his last Lance. Krr does a Big Jump using Anwar as a spring board, narrowly grazing his own Blade Barrier taking a small amount of damage. The barrier is now between the squid and Krrr. Krrr insults the creature. The squid moves through the Blade Barrier, it takes lots of damage. Frrrball has been keeping some smaller creatures, shadow stirges, at bay but are now starting to close in. The creature attacks Krrr with tentacles. Dandelus uses lightning. Travis strikes it. Krrr casts Bestow Curse, blinding it. Anwar fumbles, and misses his follow up attack. Travis attacks with a critical and kills it.
  • We dissect the creature and find the DS swords, Alton’s and Gilead’s plus some other stuff.


From DM email 12/4/2017

Krrr’s nigh infinite intuition caused him to have Travis cast Time Pool whilst in the Astral Plane following the sword recovery.

You all have seen with your own eyes the record of what happened (except the bits with the dragon, who cannot be scried – that you just intuit to be it’s reactions)

(montage with background music of a lone acoustic guitar, playing a folk type lonely sound)

Idle in an ash covered plain, the dragon waits. It’s armored body bright against the blacked grass, smoky air, and thick black vines that coil across the landscape.
Another long minute passes, and the dragon takes to scratching patterns into the dirt with a deadly talon. It sighs.
Another long minute passes, the dragon’s tail flicks a bit, and it looks skyward, as if searching for something. And it waits. ……

(music picks up a bit, but is much the same lonely guitar.)

Ocean waves lap gently against a rocky shore a thousand miles away. Pebbles and sea shells are disturbed as a lone boulder trundles around the small island. Rocks were never made to sigh, so Rocky is unable to express itself in that way, but if it had shoulders, they would be slumped forward. As Rocky the animated rock reaches the western side (for the eighth time?), it pauses and looks to the sky, searching for … someone.

(A second guitar joins in, bringing a balanced melody that evokes a pang (or several) of sadness)

Two men in the vestments of clergy stand at the royal bedside. The one with the hooked nose wrings his hands, anxious to do something. The one with the thick eyebrows is more serene, lost in the memories of a long life, and more patient as a result. The thick door opens as a third, more decorated man, enters. He carries a small black and red token, placing it beside the King. Words are spoken, and the hook-nosed priest begins to chant. At first the bushy-eyed priest seems to hear the music playing, his head tips as if searching to catch the tune at the edge of his hearing. Then, drawn in by the urgency of the other two men, begins his chant as well. … More long minutes.

Scratching of soil.
Stretching of wings.
Pacing among pebbles.
Time moves incredibly slowly now.

(The lead guitar plays more strongly, forcefully, still telling of pain and loneliness)

A crown is passed down to a smiling baby. The most precious girl does not know the weight of it, but her father now does. The prince-king smiles, but it doesn’t reach his sad eyes. He whispers to his baby that “mommy is safe and will be home very soon.” She doesn’t know how worried he has been, how uncertain of himself. In response, she coos, but perhaps it is the bright gold that has her attention. “I don’t envy this – your burden,” he tells her, “you will need to be stronger than I. But, I’m sure you can be.” He stands looking at her as the minutes pass by. A talon traces along the still-fresh scars upon the dragon’s jaw. The rock looks at the setting sun. The priest’s chant reaches a crescendo.

(The guitar pauses, a moment of total silence)

King Lionel sits bolt upright in his bed. Two of the priests step back in sudden surprise, the third (the last to enter) smiles a half-smile. “Sire – “ King Lionel clutches the Star of Elyria (which had been settled on his chest) and leaps boldly from his bed. “I have much to attend to, you have done well,” he declares, striding in bedclothes to the door. “Your highness, uhm. Allow me to…” the late priest chases after the rushed King, closing the door solidly behind them. The hook nosed priest bursts out in a large grin, “Aha, our King, so powerful and bold!”

(A guitar begins to play quietly, a slow series of notes)

The bushy-eyed priest has is thick eyebrows furrow together in a look of concern and confusion. As if one part of his mind was rushing to catch up to where another part had been pacing for quite some time. His mouth opens, ready to say something profound. The dragon tips its head, as if listening to the quiet guitar, and half-smiles.

(The guitar suddenly transforms, melding into a loud and familiar riff. ‘Smoke on the Water’)

The heavy door opens suddenly. A decorated priest, identical in every (visible) way to the one that just left enters, and looks at the empty bed. All three men ask in unison: “Where is the King?”

The sunlight dances over the ocean waves, illuminating a large (once convivial) rock.

Firelight dances over the ashes, illuminating the glistening eyes of a very dangerous foe.


From DM email 12/4/2017
Krrr’s nigh infinite intuition caused him to have Travis cast Time Pool whilst in the Astral Plane following the sword recovery.

You all have seen with your own eyes the record of what happened (except the bits with the dragon, who cannot be scried – that you just intuit to be it’s reactions)

One of the more annoying tropes among adventure heavy poets and minstrels is “seeing your life flash before your eyes.” I have faced near death situations numerous times, and it is not a time for reflection- rather a time for reaction.

So I find the distaste of this situation highly unpalatable, to say the least. I have, at best, nineteen seconds within which to act, after casting Slow Time and Haste, and therefore can’t scarcely afford even one to a recounting of my history.

But, I see that I am not given a choice in the matter. Alright, on with it then.

One of my earliest memories is having been sent to the stables to practice my horsemanship. My father was very strict on having me learn martial techniques, and equally strict on keeping me from inquiring on anything not needed in battle.
In spite of that, I found everything an object to be studied. As I moved slowly to the stable, I happened upon the blacksmith at his forge. He was holding a stout piece of metal in a very hot fire. Of course I asked him about his actions, “What are you doing? Why? Why is it red? Why?” And so on.
He didn’t give me satisfactory answers. I would later come to understand that he was a simple sort, who accepted the world as it worked, and his place in it. He knew all about “How” to heat iron and hammer it into shape, but nothing as to “Why” heating it made it soft, or “Why” quenching it could make it hard (or brittle, sometimes).
I asked him “Why” so many times, he grew nervous.
My father whipped me that night after hearing I had missed my riding lesson.

I was the youngest of five sons. My father wielded the titles afforded nobility as both sword and shield when dealing with other landholders. His disdain for peasants was obvious, and my brothers had no objections to agreeing with him in that regard.
In a single sentence he would stress how much more honorable a nobleman was, and how the best way to advance was at the expense of others. He never could recognize the hypocrisy of his Code. Not even as all four of my brothers came to perish on successive battlefields.
A time when they were still alive, and I was perhaps ten years of age, and we were all at the wide dining table. Father was explaining his strategy for dealing with… Some landholder nearby, who exactly doesn’t matter. The diplomatic landscape, soaked with blood, changed every season back then.
He reasoned that Lord X wished to grow stronger, and rumors were he would attack Lord Y in the fall. Father couldn’t abide X being strong, as he’d become a threat to our standing. So he asked his sons if they would ally with Y and defend against X. Regardless of their eager answers, Father managed to chastise them for not thinking it through well enough. (At this stage he simply ignored that I was silent, perhaps he preferred it that way).
His plan was not to defend Y, or attack X, but attack Y first. In that fashion he’d gain Y’s lands and be stronger than X, too strong for X to fight. But to prevent Y and X from allying, he’d spread rumors that he’d agree to meet with Y to talk of alliance.
I spoke up at that point. “Father, if we attack Y, how will that make us strong? Won’t we loose many soldiers? It would take more than a season to field more troops. And the lands of Y will have their fortifications overrun, and we’d not have time to rebuild.”
I was beaten that night as well. My father would have done well to heed my advice, however. It was seven years before we had regained the power we lost that summer.

I never regretted leaving home. My mind was sharp and needed constant honing and knowledge. Fuel for my mental forge was not available among the warmongers in my family, and their noble treachery never sat well with me.
It was the absolute difference in belief of what “Noble” ought to mean that not only set me out to discover the arcane magics, but that led me to my most significant choice.
I had found a place to study, where several people of different races, genders and birthrights all found something of a uniform status. We learned from and taught each other as best we could, though for what seemed like a very long time I clearly had the most to learn.
There were politics in this place as well, I would later discover. But the young and idealistic student I was at that time was blind to it all.
I clearly had raw talent, I know it sounds arrogant but it was true. So between my idealism and arrogance I never questioned the offer I received.
Two “instructors” approached me, offering mentorship and secrets in the arcane that would far outstrip the way the others were learning to control magic. But the two mentors had opposing philosophies, and I would choose one, and shun the other.
The first offered freedom, power, and prestige. I’d learn to capture the mana out of the fabric of the world around me, bend it to my will, and thereby enact my will upon the world. There were few rules, and great opportunities.
The second offered me a bond. The rules were absolute, and failure to follow them would forever strip me of the powers they granted. There would be little opportunity for fame (at least for a long while), and self-discipline would be a constant but necessary struggle.
That was about it. The offers weren’t much more detailed, and to most, the second option would be easily ignored as foolish or worse.
Yet, for me…

The first mentor was quickly dismissed. I didn’t care to try and explain my choice, for it was mine to make. For all the struggles and difficulties the lawful path created, for all the headaches and hard choices, I never regretted it.
Even now, at what must be the end, with so many of those bonds having been dissolved, with the knowledge that I have been grossly manipulated, I believe it was the right choice.


Cast Reverse Gravity.

Barely fourteen seconds now.

Hells. The armor kept it’s mana charge even after leaving the influence of Galt’s little winged battery. I am actually a bit amazed that worked. I burn every bit of it Maximizing my Enhanced Disintigrate.

Only about a third of that rock burns away. Hells, what a force the Star is capable of.

Time: managed that as much as possible, Space: with the armor’s accelerated flight and the gravity doing most of my work… that leaves…

Get in close and cast Plane Shift… might not be fast enou-


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