Circle Of Eight


Volcano Island 1

  • Game Date: Beginning of May
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Peleston, Volcano Island in the NW ocean
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Close portal


  • Some time has passed since the last adventure. Checking in on Cordax we found he was moving along the bottom of the ocean with his butler and three small imps with wings. He would make landfall within a day or two. Krrr did an augury with the Mad One to learn about the volcano but the spell ended with a spectacular failure. It turned out the Mad One was captured by the spirit of the volcano, Kaneohaa. Travis scryed the area of the volcano and found it was angry, very thick with foggy ash.
  • We portaled to the ocean next to the volcano in a boat due to the supposed expanded nature of the chaotic planar conditions. Upon arrival we were quickly beset by a flying thing, a mephit, which caused scalding hot rain to fall around us. Dandelus cast a disruptor bolt at the thing and nearly killed it. When we reached shore Faradey was about to shoot it with an arrow but it gated it reinforcements just before he could kill it. The smoke mephit appeared and spat a ball of goo into Travis’ face blinding Travis for two rounds. Faradey killed it. More arrows from Faradey and Anwar killed the rest. Krrr on the carpet and a flying Dandelus scouted ahead. The rest started climbing. Dandelus sensed the presence of elementals and turned back.
  • Dandelus sent some air messengers up to talk to some elementals to get an idea about what was happening. He learned it was a big mess up there, lots of demons causing trouble and three elementals, a magma, fire, and smoke elemental brought here by a mischievous demon. All are fighting each other. The elementals are angry and lashing out at anything. The volcano was very annoyed by the situation. We then had the plan to have Krrr talk to the spirit of the Volcano and come to an understanding or agreement that we would help calm the situation and close the portal to the demon plane if he releases the Mad One and generally not cause trouble for us while we’re doing it. A similar message was sent to the elementals but they have a hard time distinguishing between anything that’s not them.
  • Krrr and Dandelus go off to speak to the mountain. Meanwhile the rest of us are attacked by some mephits. Dandelus, with his Lance of Disruption, and Faradey and his arrows, and Anwar killed them off pretty quickly. Krrr has a hard time getting through to the volcano spirit but learns some of the above info. Also that when Cordax came through the portal he widened it and allowed many small demons to come through after him. He then talks to the Mad One to help get through to the volcano. After which the volcano calms down a bit and it becomes less smoky.
  • We make our way to the top. In the caldera on top of the lava there’s one or more salamander that seems angry. In front of the portal are some big spiny demons. A fight ensues. Faradey shoots a small one with an arrow but suffers the damage he did to the demon to himself, Faradey loses half of his hit points. Anwar fights the same demon for a bit and finds out it was a mental illusion and Faradey is fine. Krr jumps into the fray and fights for a bit but a bunch of demons carry him into the portal. More demons are killed. Inside the tunnel behind the portal, Krrr is with a bunch of demons. They are dragging him towards a demon with a spear. Krr makes a maneuver and forces a demon to be impaled upon the spear. The last of the outside demons die and we all move through the portal.



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