Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date: Late November, Early December
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Faradey, Krrr(npc), Dandelus
  • Place: Tytenopardus tomb
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Destroy water source and Tytenopardus tomb
    • Get some loot and leave before FoC tm arrive.


  • First, we portaled to the Tytenopardus tomb where we found a bunch of Midik still working/digging and such with some taskmasters still handling the Midik. Some officials were still there with guards and some adventurers as well.
  • We went about trying to discover the source of the water. Dandelus spoke with the water and learned that it was coming from the Elemental Plane of Water. Anwar spoke with someone about the oncoming FoC tm and started to organize an evacuation. Ich-bin Har, some official dude, tried to secure passage to his home city directly, instead of the Citadel, first by bribery then by threats on innocent lives.
  • Faradey and Krr did some scouting. When Faradey returned he noticed a large group of people being herded into a tunnel. Travis immediately realized Ich-bin Har was about to assassinate a bunch of Midik slaves to remove them as an obstacle to his desire to leave. When we confronted him in the tunnel he resorted to threatening their lives in a death trap. Faradey snuck around behind Ich-bin Har and grabbed him releasing the trigger Ich-bin Har was standing on. The room full of Midik started to fill with sand, Dandelus blasted a force field glyph with his Lance of Disruption allowing most of the Midik to flee. Faradey, Travis and Dandelus were able to rescue the less fortunate Midik still trapped. Ich-bin Har was now in custody and transported to the Citadel along with the refugees.
  • Some political stuff happened that Travis didn’t care about. Something about ownership and claim to this spot in the desert.
  • Back at the fountains, we finally realized that a bunch of Dispel Magics should work and they did. The water was gone.
  • Anwar somehow allowed some guy to feel he was in charge creating a minor nuisance.
  • Travis checked with some charts and found a likely spot for some loot. The spa area had yet to be uncovered. Undead attacked us before we even removed enough debris to fit though the passage. The undead retreated when Anwar tossed a Continual Light coin through the opening to scare them off. Quickly widening the opening, we passed through. We followed the undead into the water area of the spa. We fought two undead and one ghost. The undead fell quickly enough before the swords of Faradey and Travis. The ghost engaged Anwar with Faradey and Travis joining in but not before it revealed its face with a Fear Aura. Anwar and Faradey made their saves but Dandelus and Travis did not. This special attack caused Dandelus to age 30 years and Travis to age 20 years. (With Krrr’s help it’s fixable using Uplift/Restore Youth.) There was some loot in this room but a noxious gas entered and we left. The fire room was next where we found some more loot. Next up was the spirit room. Upon entering this room Faradey, Anwar, Dandelus, then Travis experienced a voice that questioned, “Who are you?” Faradey, Anwar, and Travis, especially, had no trouble answering this question. Dandelus on the other hand was trapped in a stasis field for a couple of hours, from his perspective (a couple of minutes our time), while he struggled with the question. Faradey looked into a light down the corridor and vanished. The same thing happed to Anwar and later Travis. Dandelus was very disturbed by his first experience and did not look into the light. Faradey experienced a pleasant field for several hours and exited very relaxed. Anwar experienced a desert environment while Travis saw the whole universe stretch before him. Travis’ experience was varied. I believe each of us came away with some benefit. Another undead attacked us but this one was difficult to damage, it would only take the magical ‘to hit’ of the weapons. Eventually it died.
  • Back outside now we set about gathering anyone left to leave. Anwar called in his favor to the North Wind, he asked it to bury this place in a mighty sandstorm. Just as I opened the portal, a giant scarab scout popped out of the sand not too far away and the wind started to blow, hard. We got out just in time, had we stayed any longer the wind and the sand would surely have buried us. Now back at the citadel the party can set about their various activities.



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