Circle Of Eight


The Counting House Job

  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Peleston, Counting House Town – Walpole
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Raid the The Outward Path’s Counting House


  • After a bunch of planning we ported from Pelesotn to Walpole. Our code names for this adventure are: Anwar (Mr. Blue), Dandelus (Mr. Brown), Faradey (Mr. Green), Krr (Mr. Pink), Travis (Mr. White). We nonchalantly walked to the area of the tunnel. We went into an empty building to cast invisibility and don our disguises. Krrr led us to the tunnel, Travis opened it. Krr led the way inside.
  • We walked for a bit in darkness before a magical light turned on to light up the tunnel. Krrr was using Find the Path to guide us and bypass the magic mouths. Once we passed the third mouth the floor magically disappeared and all but Krrr fell a varying distance. Anwar grabbed the wall as he fell; Dandelus and Travis fell only 10 feet. Faradey fell further and fought a Minotaur and got caught in the maze. Anwar then fought and killed the Minotaur. Krr made contact with the fallen party members by using Stone Shape to make a hole. We all climb up when the fight is over.
  • We continue on encountering another magic mouth, Krr passes by easily the rest follow but now we are prepared for traps. Anwar cast Find Traps and Travis cast Unfailing Premonition. We found a trap and Dandelus removed it. At the next checkpoint we find another trap we have a little bit more difficulty. Instead of disarming we just bypass the trap by using the Dig spell from a scroll to dig through the wall. We then arrive at the old door exiting the tunnels.
  • Just as we arrive, the door starts to squeak open and a hapless halfling emerges. Krrr uses his Badass Bludgeon to knock the lights out of the halfling. Faradey and Dandelus try going up the stairs to charm the guard. It didn’t work. The guard alerted the counting room and set a trap that flattened the stairs and covered them in grease. Faradey and Dandelus slid down the stairs. The jig was up so Travis cast Etherealness on everyone but found a big beholder in the border ethereal so we became real again. Faradey lit the stairs on fire to burn off the grease. Just as Krrr was preparing to cast Battlecry, Travis suggested Reverse Time. The idea was to undo the past two minutes.
  • The Reverse Time spell was cast on Faradey and all that he did in the past few rounds was undone. Dandelus and Travis sneak up the stairs to find the guard standing at the open door reporting something weird to the Counting House staff. Just then Dandelus backstabs the guard who quickly falls to the ground. Travis uses the boxed silence spell to signal the others who race up the stairs into the room.
    *There are five people in the room, the boss guy exits through a secret door. The old weird guy reaches for something in a drawer. The two gem cutters are webbed by Faradey. Dandelus goes after the boss guy. Krrr goes after the old weird guy with the monkey and slams the drawer shut on the man’s hand. Travis puts the silence spell in the hallway and closes the door ending the silence in the room. Anwar attacks the monkey; the monkey is no more.
  • The big beholder appears in the counting room. Aoife is partially affected by the anti-magic field. Dandelus is stoned. Travis and Faradey are caught in the anti-magic field and maneuver for better position. Anwar is levitated. Krrr casts Battlecry which stuns the beholder for a round. Travis tries Dispel Evil on the beholder but it doesn’t work. During the time the beholder was stunned Travis tried to stab it with a darkness dagger but failed. Other people did other things. Krr cast a little darkness to obscure himself. The beholder attacks one of the webbed gem cutters. Travis saves for poison. Anwar casts Dust Devil in an attempt to blind the beholder with a bunch of stuff swirling about the room (burned books and whatever). Travis attacks with light saber after using two darkness spheres to obscure the saber. Aoife takes some damage from a Dispel Magic. Krr faces the front of the beholder intending to attack its big eye. The beholder hits first. The boss man returns to the room and makes his way towards Krrr and attacks him. Aoife is attacked again with Dispel Magic. Faradey is poisoned and falls. Travis is hit with Cause Serious Wounds. Dandelus’ magic electric snake continues to attack the boss man. Krr gets a critical on the null-magic eye. Travis casts Neutralize Poison on Faradey. Anwar hits the beholder again. Faradey slowly rises to his feet. Travis and Anwar attack and kill the beholder. The boss man (still under the Battlecry spell) continues to attack Krr. Krrr overwhelmingly knocks out the boss man. The lady at reception was crushed and suffocated by the beholder when he materialized.
  • Now we loot. First we find that the books that fell from the book cases are blank. We take them anyway. Faradey is stunned unconscious by a magical ward on the gem cutters desk drawer. When he comes to, he intimidates the gem cutter to open the drawers. We tried various plans to get the books off the shelves but they didn’t work. So, we raised Jesue, the teller, back to life. She was the only one who could retrieve the books.
  • We then make our escape. We leave no evidence behind as best we could. We don’t travel directly back to Peleston.



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