Circle Of Eight


Quest for The Tailor's Needle, Pt. 2

  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Anwar, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Volcano Island in the NW ocean, demon plane
  • NPCs: Sir Pelecus [Played by Brian J]
  • Summary:
    • Get the Needle.


  • We went through the portal to find a tunnel of sorts to the demon plane, gravity shifted in the middle; the exit was small. The portal opened into the bottom of a small canyon with shear walls. As we were getting our bearings Travis found a small shiny magnetic stone under a rock. Just then a searing beam of heat and light fired from a gem attached to the canyon wall. It targeted Anwar, he ran. Faradey tried shooting it with an arrow to no avail. We ran along with Anwar as more beams shot out at us. Finally we exited the canyon at the top of a cliff where we had a view of the landscape.
  • It was dark, the only light came from large crystal outcroppings scattered around. In the distance we could spot a tower. Krrr made some kind of divination that pointed us in that direction. We made our way down the cliff and set off towards the tower. Every once in a while the landscape would shift about, like tiles being reorganized. After one shift there suddenly appeared some kind of humanoid demon. We tried to communicate but failed and ended up fighting it. It turns out it was a scout that, due to the shifting, found itself behind enemy lines. There was a war of sorts in the area between two factions, in the end that mattered little to us. We also saw a regular black cat seemingly following us. We found the presence of a normal cat to be very disturbing.
  • We reached the tower and found a big demon out for a drink of water. We observed it as it returned into the tower. Instead of being sneaky or just attacking, we knocked on the door. The big demon answered. It was very stupid. After a few words were exchanged and Travis gave up the small shiny magnetic stone we were able to finally bluff our way in.
  • Once inside the tower we found a woman, Lila (who seems to have a southern Winchendon accent, although she claims she’s from somewhere near a place called Waterdeep), collared and chained to the wall. The cat, Xena, is hers. Apparently, she was being held by some demon named Cordax Darksoul. The collar was heavily enchanted to magically obscure the woman and it had a Symbol on it to keep people from removing it. After some spell casting we were able to remove the enchantment temporarily, giving Krrr a chance to use Word of Recall to get her back to the Temple of Truth and Wind. The rest of the party returned by use of Travis’ Plane Shift. There was little time to spare as we could hear the demon, Cordax, returning.



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