Circle Of Eight


Alton's Big Bash

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: The Citadel, Peleston Area, Lord Alton’s Lands & Castle
  • NPCs: Raak, Lord Alton, Sir Pelecus, Prince Lionel, Princess Wren, Kennet
  • Summary:
    • Attend Alton’s Big Bash
    • Survive the trap


  • The Circle of Eight was kept very busy in the days leading up to Alton’s Big Bash. As such they had very little time to prepare. Travis and Krr cast the usual Sacred Guardian and Unfailing Endurance on everyone. The morning of the event Krr did many divinations in which we learned a lot. Alton had troops within striking distance of Krr’s tribe. Alton had less than ten agents in place in Peleston. There was a plan afoot to usurp King Lionel. Krr wanted to warn his tribe so we portaled to their camp. Krr’s tribe quickly packed up, along with the mini fridge and the stoned Sanovar, and left camp headed for Peleston. Travis detected we were being scryed upon. After some tests it was determined the scrying was following Travis. Anwar rode ahead to Peleston to warn Kulira. She was less than pleased but began preparations for possible attack. All work in town was redirected towards shoring up defenses.
  • On route Krr sent out orc scout groups looking for Alton’s troops. Five were sent out but only four returned. Faradey went out to look but found them on the way back. They were delayed because they found a troop encampment of about twenty armed and armored men with horses. Faradey and the orc scouts return to the tribe. Faradey goes back to further scout the encampment. Travis visited the temple construction site and kept an eye out for anyone out of place or was not what they appeared to be. He didn’t find anything. Faradey returns. He confirms the armed encampment near the orc camp is Alton’s men that have been there for a few days; they have some falcons.
  • We portal to Basselope Field near Alton’s castle. Krr sees seven crows take off and fly to the left. Krr can’t quite remember what kind of omen that is. Travis casts Blessed Watchfulness on everyone then naps to get his spell points back and casts Blessed Watchfulness on himself. We then head to the fairgrounds. After passing through the nobility checkpoint with no issue we encounter the man reading the schedule of events. Just then one on Anwar’s fans runs up and begs Anwar to play his music for the crowd later during the festivities. Anwar tries to get out of it and get the fan to move on. We encounter a fortune teller, disguised as an old woman as part of the act. Krr asks about the omen of the crows and she says something about seven being the number of secrets. She then goes on to ask, ‘Who did you tell?’ [Krr told the secret of the dragon’s existence to King Lionel.] It almost seemed genuine as she had dropped the guise for a bit. She then went on to do a more expected cold reading that you would get from a charlatan. There are many vendors vying for peoples of attention. Faradey is distracted by someone who sells draughts. Faradey seemingly had bought some bad potions from this man in the past and threatened him to return his gold. Faradey had a little difficulty to start but then ran afoul of a guard. The guard demands Faradey back off. Faradey identifies himself as the Royal Ranger. The guard says to be less conspicuous. The vendor claims he doesn’t have that kind of gold and Faradey demands he leave the grounds. Faradey confiscates fifty potions of delusion.
  • We then head to the main area. Alton introduces the nobles one by one. The Royal family is in attendance, including Wren’s baby. Kennet, Lord Gyre, and Gilead are there but not introduced. Lord Alton then begins a speech. As he does so the King has a reaction. He collapses and goes into convulsions. There was no new enchantment upon him. People scurry about. Alton shouts out, “Krr Spiritwalker (plus most of his full title), he is a great healer, come to the King’s aid!” The baby’s aids teleport the baby away. Prince Lionel rushes for his father, Krr arrives just after. Krr determines the king appears to be under some trance. Alton sees a flutter in the king eyes and shouts some stuff that is totally prepared. The king speaks Travis’ name, Alton then tries to put the blame on Travis. The prince says, ‘find him, seize him’. Sir Pelecus brings up his shield to protect the stage. Kennet says Travis is unlikely as a culprit. Travis brings up Eminence and casts Enthrall. Anwar uses Calm Chaos. Travis speaks to the crowd. He says the King is experiencing a prophetic vision and says the king is calling for Travis’ aid. Travis shouts that he hears the king’s call for aid and will of course help the king. Sir Pelecus saves against the Enthrall and rushes towards Travis to stop his spell. Faradey gets in his way and they argue. Kennet casts a spell against Travis, it misses. Sir Pelecus engages Faradey. Travis tries to talk Sir Pelecus down. Krr asks Travis to stand down. Travis ends the spell. Wren stands up for Travis. The prince isn’t having it. Alton steps in trying to stop the couples spat. The prince calls for Wren’s arrest as well. Things go downhill from there. The order goes out for the Circle of Eight to be escorted to Alton’s castle. Alton then threatens Krrr that if they run, guilt will be assured and Wren and others will pay the price. The Circle of Eight agrees to go to Alton’s castle. The regular guards are crazy scared of the Circle of Eight. Alton repeats his threat to Travis in a non threatening way. Alton has his guards lead Wren and her father up to a tower while we are led downstairs. They demand our weapons which we hand over the obvious ones. A gate shuts us in and then they demand our boots and jewelry. Some of us comply to some degree. Some of us hold things back. Some of us are led into a cell. Others are led into another gated area where they demand our armor. Faradey does not give up his armor. Travis heads for his cell and sits down. A couple more guards come into Travis’ cell and try to shackle him, he refuses. Travis’, Krr’s, and Dandelus’ cells are protected from level 1-3 magic. They ask for Krrr to be shackled as well, he refuses. Those guards give up and lock the cell doors. They leave us be.
  • After a couple of hours Alton appears to visit Krr. The Kings’ condition has not improved and the Prince is still convinced Travis is at fault. He asks for advice in dealing with Travis. He also has words with other party members, apologizing about everything and saying things are in the works and things will get worked out. Anwar is claiming his custody as an act of war. Alton confronts Travis with at least three people in tow, one of which casts Dimensional Anchor on Travis. He openly threatens Travis and all Travis cares about. He wants Travis to come with him else they will be in danger. He leads Travis to a small room where he finds Kennet and the guys with manacles. Kennet urges Travis to comply, he does. Travis is shackled, gagged and hooded. They search him but find nothing of import, all the good stuff is hidden and protected. Alton has some words with Kennet about deals and such and satisfying a demon named Neu’Jurz. [Time Pool this moment.] Kennet casts Dispel Magic on Travis removing the Anchor and other stuff leaving Unfailing Endurance. Kennet then casts Plane Shift on Travis, seemingly to transport him as a sacrifice to the demon. Instead he sends him to an elemental plane of air. Just before the spell completes Kennet stuffs something into Travis’ collar.
  • Anwar is led upstairs by Alton. He sees Raak hiding along the way. Walsingham speaks with him, wanting him to return to his lands. As a foreign dignitary he is being released but he wants to be returned to his cell with the understanding the prince knows that a foreign ruler is being held without charge.
  • Raak seeks out Krr and opens some locks and throws a brass key to Krr. Krr asks Raak to go away and hide while the politics play out. Raak suffers a devastating sword blow by a guard. Krr does not take this well and casts Rock to Mud on the hallway. Raaks body starts to sink but the guard holds onto the gate. Krr unlocks his cell and exits. He turns his fist to stone and begins climbing his way to the guard. The guard tries to swim away rather than face Krrr. Krr reaches the gate just as Raak raises his head above the mud and hands Krr another key to open the gate. He just swims under it instead. Faradey’s door was opened by Raak. The guard tries to make his way along the corridor but is having great difficulty. Anwar along with Sir Pelecus come back down the stairs. Krr and Raak jump to Faradey’s cell. The guard sinks below the surface and Krr dispels the mud returning the hallway back to stone. Sir Pelecus returns Anwar to the cell, sees a guard missing and calls for some more. Krr heals Raak.
  • Travis finds himself in the Elemental Plane of Air and frees himself of the hood and shackles and such. He saves these items for future use. He finds Kennet planted a tuning fork for the Prime Material Plane. Travis thinks for a bit on his next move.
  • Krrr tries a divination and collapses. Krrr sees a vision in which Krrr is being boxed in, a plan that has been in motion for a while. Krrr wakes up and says, ‘I think they killed Travis, we need to leave.’ They try to convince Anwar to go along but he remains behind. He believes he will be banished. The rest make their way to their stuff and once upstairs they just walk out. No guard would oppose them.



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