Circle Of Eight


Battle with Ulko

  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Travis, Faradey, Krrr
  • Place: Nourd Tyr
  • NPCs:
  • Summary:
    • Prepare for battle
    • Battle Ulko


  • The armies of Ulko and the free Nourd Tyr supported by Winchendon knights prepare for battle. Scouts bring back a enemy caster that we approach to interrogate. As we get closer Ulko possess the enemy and casts Holy Word through him. This kills many in the area and slows our party. He then casts Wall of Fire, this causes more damage. We hit him a few times and he died. Krrr used Speak with Dead to learn some stuff. Ulko was protected by four ghosts.
  • Krr used Combine and Uplift to cast a bunch of spells including Aerial Servant. The Aerial Servant returned with Ulko’s top spell caster, Colbus. Faradey kicked him with a critical and he died.
  • The battle came the next day. The skies darkened and the weather turned foul. Ulko’s army moved forward. Our plan was to go ethereal find the ghosts hit them with Dimensional Anchor to keep them out of the Prime Material Plane then go after Ulko.
  • We went after the ghosts and successfully kept them away. We entered the battle near Ulko who was advancing with his army. Travis cast Dimensional Folding to bring forth troops to keep the rabble away from us while we hit Ulko. Our troops came though and kept lots of stuff busy. Ulko cast Blade Barrier, we all saved. Krrr grabbed a bad guy and leapt over the Blade Barrier letting go of said bad guy over the barrier; the bad guy did not survive. Ulko flew over the barrier and touched Krr with a Harm spell. Faradey used the Healing Sword on Krr. There was more fighting and after a bit Faradey put enough arrows in to Ulko to kill him, but it didn’t stick. Ulko’s essence left the body and found another host. There was more fighting. Faradey went after Ulko’s new body on the flying carpet.
  • The cavalry arrived in force. Dandelous arrived with Eoife and a bunch of flying mages throwing fireballs and such. The ghosts did not return to our area.



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