Circle Of Eight


To Regroup and Defend Peleston

  • Game Date: Late summer
  • Party members: Anwar, Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Astral Plane, Winchendon
  • NPCs: Raak, Sir Pelecus, Kennet
  • Summary:
    • The party attempts to rejoin
    • Fending off Babington’s army


  • The party is separated. Travis in on the Astral plane. Anwar is headed to the Orc camp expecting to find Travis but encounters some unexpected troops north of the Peleston area. Krr is headed to the Orc camp after giving Travis a confusing message about meeting there in three days from their escape from Alton’s castle. He stops at Ravenscroft to inform the Lord and Lady first. Pelecus, Raak, Dandelus, Aoife are nearing Peleston as they witness some fireballs in Peleston, cast by Kennet in his battle armor flying above the garrison. He had been shot by an orc with a crossbow. There’s a line of Alton’s knights and a line of orcs facing off against each other. It would seem as though he’s keeping the orcs and knights from fighting each other. Pelecus believes the attack by the 20 knights is desperate and opportunistic, clearly they are being manipulated he thinks. Faradey talks to Kulira and Dagan. Dagan explains that Krr [Shadow Krr] incited the orcs to attack the knights. Faradey speaks to Krrr’s dad. It did not go well. Faradey tried explaining that the Krrr they saw inciting the orcs was not the real Krrr. Krrr’s dad was upset and it resulted in some fisticuffs but ends in some laughter. Faradey attempts logic with Krr’s dad by pointing out that Krrr would never ask his tribe to be sneaky. That worked. Krr’s dad gets the orcs to pull back. Pelecus commands the knights to withdraw. The knights were sent a messenger seemingly from Alton to attack Peleston and to remove the orcs, the guardsmen and Kulira.
  • Faradey goes out scouting. He has a discussion with a bugbear or something about local events. He also finds tracks of an army marching south. The vanguard of that army is ogres. There are also orcs. They are very well organized with high quality forged metal armor. He reports back to Peleston.
  • The Circle of Eight prepares for the army’s arrival and recalls the knights. More scouting reveals the army has stalled. Faradey had an encounter with their scout, maybe a demon. Faradey returned to report but he didn’t see much. It seemed they were waiting for something. There were no markings or heraldry of any kind. There was also some kind of air elemental coming to Peleston, intending to target Kennet among others. Anwar had a conversation with it somehow. Krr flew up to the air elemental to dispel it. The charm controlling the air elemental broke. Anwar had another conversation with it.
  • Krrr sends Kennet to seek out Travis in the Astral plane. Kennet finds Travis to be somewhat altered. His form was blurry with no defined edges and his eyes glowed with a pale violet color. Due to the Astral plane’s alien nature and the inherent temporal dilation Travis had more than enough time to go native. He had spent many weeks, if not months in divination. Alton had caught the Circle of Eight by surprise and Travis pressed every advantage to ensure that wouldn’t happen again by turning the tide of intelligence to our favor. Also, long term life in the Astral Plane can be quite dangerous, even for the Traveler. Travis had many run-ins with the natives and was briefly infected with a cerebral parasite which altered his personality. In time it would return to normal but for a while it made communication with Travis difficult.
  • Travis and Kennet, after having figured out just how to successfully speak with each other, had a long discussion about recent and past events. Much was learned. Kennet brought the rest of the party to the Astral and plans were made to counter the invading army. Travis finally got his stuff back. Krr attempted to charge up the Storm Sword by entering the quasi-elemental plane of lightning. It was quite the spectacle but he succeeded and returned to the Astral via the Plane Shift scroll Travis created. With the Storm Sword fully charged Krrr contacted a storm god and said, “Hold my beer, this is gonna be epic!” More preparations were made to strike the army and we used a color pool to return to Ithor.
  • Krr went through first and used battle cry to get many of the enemy orcs together. Also, he hit some stuff. Dandelous went after the clay golem and takes it out in one attack. Kennet went through and used fireball on the clumped up orcs. It worked very well. Anwar went through after a hill giant. Faradey went through and attacked a caster summoning another air elemental. The caster died. Travis then went through and attacked the other caster with a lighting staff. Travis did lots of damage. Krrr continued his attacks. Dandelus goes after the lightning staff caster with disruptor bolts. The caster dies. Travis picks up the staff. Anwar continues his attack against the hill giant. They apparently have a history. During a battle long ago Anwar took the hill giant’s sword and gave it to Easwar. Faradey attacks the hill giant facing down Anwar. Travis attacks an ogre, it dies. Krrr casts another Battle Cry. Kennet disintegrates the other ogre in front of Travis. Aoife moves back to Dandelus. Anwar strikes again and gets a critical hit. Anwar asks the giant who he follows and the giant responds, “Babington”. Anwar strikes twice more and the giant falls. Many orcs are charging towards Krrr. Travis strikes against the demon familiar. Dandelus strikes against the demon familiar and it falls. Faradey goes after the bugbear scouts. Krrr’s orc strike team weilding Ulko’s swords and torqs goes after the remaining orcs. The strike team defeats all 69 orcs. Krr goes after the fear creature, a feyr, terrorizing Peleston. Kennet cast See Invisibility on Krrr. Now that Krr can see it, he strikes with Biff’s Badass Bludgeon. Dagon cast Emotion, hope, on Krr and the feyr. Dandelus tries a lightning bolt from the Storm Sword. The fight continues. Travis, thinking walking is weird, enlarges a horsefly to ride into battle. Krr does more heroic stuff and a Storm God replied to Krrr’s earlier call by giving everyone in town a beer. The feyr dies, eventually, and is pushed out of harms way. Travis arrives a little too late upon his giant fly. He lands and returns the fly to normal size. Faradey catches up to the fleeing scouts and kills them.



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