Circle Of Eight


  • Party members: Travis, Krr, Faradey, Anwar, Kulira
  • Place: Korberg, king’s castle
  • NPCs: Kennet, King, Kennet’s apprentice Juliard, Alton, Sir Francis Walsingham(lord of southern lands on coast)


  • We intended to seek audience with the king but spotted a beholder box enter through a side entrance.
  • King was warned, then evacuated with royal family
  • Big fight ensued, we won
  • Audience with king resulted in Krr obtaining right to winter his tribe in kobold fort, an agreement that if we clear out Peleston that we may occupy the keep until such time as Ravenscroft’s successors are in place, etc., Anwar resigned his knighthood and revealed himself to be ‘ruler’ of citadel, King officially recognized Anwar as ‘ruler’


Krrr “harvested” some beholder bits, too. Somewhere in the keep in Peleston there’s a closet full of nasty preserved stuff…


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