Circle Of Eight


  • Game Date:
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Jeager
  • Place:
  • NPCs: Gupu
  • Summary:
    • Find Jaeger
    • Borrow Dragon’s Tooth
    • Help Jaeger find and destroy the Gate of Chaos


  • Upon scrying for Jaeger, we found him in a large camp of the Forces of Chaos™. We went to Lysander the bard salesman to secure two potions of Alter Self. Then opened a portal to Jaeger to communicate with telepathy to find out he was there looking for some portal to some other plane. We stepped through to help. A Locate Object spell determined the portal was in some mage tower. Also, Gupu the smart goblin may be in the area.
  • We found, charmed and questioned a servant and learned some things. A guard tried to bar our passage but Anwar Commanded/stunned him and took his stuff. A spellcaster wanted to use us for a sacrifice but we ignored him. We encountered a room with a pit and a bright floor. There were two mirrors, one was a mirror of opposition the other was a mirror of opposition. Jaeger touched both mirrors; first, he created a copy of himself that he stunned, the second trapped him inside. Travis tried to dispel it and failed, Anwar tried to dispel it and succeeded in giving Jaeger another saving throw that he made and escaped. Meanwhile, Biff a troll spell-caster entered the room and Anwar tazed him and we stole his stuff then dumped him in the pit of water.
  • We found the room before the Gate Room with Gupu and his entourage of ogres and giants. There was a big fight. During which Travis fell below 0hp and went ethereal to heal up, then went after Gupu. Gupu used a Color Spray to blind Travis, but Travis gave chase anyway but to no avail. Travis then used his “Saltwater Flush” to wash away the foes and Gupu. The remaining stone giant opened a hole in the floor to escape but died falling through with some free attacks. We found the portal to Chaos, Anwar hit it with his Law sword and destroyed it along with everything nearby which thrust us into the Void. A Plane Shift brought us home.



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