Circle Of Eight


The Frozen North II

  • Game Date: Early November
  • Party members: Travis, Anwar, Faradey, Krrr
  • Place: island north of Nord Tyr
  • NPCs: none
  • Summary:
    • Retrieve sword of Salah al-Din
    • Free the North Wind


  • While making camp, we were ambushed by 3 ogres and 1 ogre-mage. We fought, we won. Travis suffered a big critical followed by a big fumble. Krrr leapt into the air onto the invisible flying ogre-mage. We learned they were carrying a message asking for the release of Gunny, husband of female hero we met earlier. Gunny is being held by the giants, who are in cahoots with Olaf.
  • We camped the night and prepared for our cunning plan to retrieve the sword. Several Ice Badgers were summoned to dig a small tunnel to the body of Salah Al-Din then they created a void into which Travis could Etherealize into and grab the body and Etherealize out but not before leaving a ‘Travis was here’ token behind. This worked and Travis brought the body and sword back to Anwar.
  • Once he had the sword, we retrieved a big gold key w/big (but not too big) emerald from the body for unlocking the gate that held the North Wind, and then hid the body for the day.
  • Next we headed up the glacier to free the North Wind, it was very windy. We made it up to the gate just when the guardian frost giant freed himself from the ice and attacked. Anwar stood toe-to-toe with it for as long as he could, as did Krrr. Faradey and Travis worked on the lock, which was frozen over. When Anwar reached his limit, Faradey leapt between him and the giant to keep the giant busy. Travis cast Heat Metal on the lock and it opened easily, the gate however was frozen shut. The battle continued while Travis cast Telepathy on the North Wind suggesting to it to blow himself out but he could not, instead Travis started cutting the hinges. All the while Travis took the opportunity to have a conversation with the North Wind. Faradey landed the final arrow shot that fell the giant resulting in an explosion of frozen gooey stuff that grows glaciers; it landed on Krrr and Travis. Travis went ethereal and Krrr used his temporary frost giant strength to break free. Krrr and Anwar used brute force to budge the gate finally freeing the North Wind.
  • The North Wind bestowed gifts on us as thanks: Faradey-Boots of the North, Krrr-the wizard Feather Fall spell, Travis-enchanted his Yeti hide, Anwar-sent message to Wado and Dana of our deed.
  • The group brought the body of Salah Al-Din back to the citadel to be properly interred.
  • Krrr & Travis rode the wyvern into the desert over the fallen mountain of chaos (teaming with activity) in search of the Thunder Axe, which was not where it should have been.



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