Circle Of Eight


Quest for Mythril Arrow of Slaying

  • Game Date: Spring
  • Party members: Dandelus, Faradey, Krrr, Travis
  • Place: Temple of Truth & Wind, Monastery near northern edge of Hundeirn
  • NPCs: Lord Gyre
  • Summary:
    • Find haunted monastery.
    • Get Mythril Arrow of Slaying.


  • We went to Lord Gyre’s keep. We met with the Lord and he was helpful with the genealogical research into his ancestor, The Archer (Mason Graybo). Lord Merton Gyre was his real name. He was a secret adventurer, very lawful. Defeating Ulko happened sometime in the middle of his life. The details of his last mission are unknown.
  • We then went to the Library at the Temple of Truth and Wind. After some research we narrowed it down to 7 sites that may have some sort of monastery in the mountainous areas north of Harpers Falls. After hearing travelers’ stories we narrowed it down to 5. (Unknown, unknown, Lawful humans, lawful religious place for training, past retreat of the god Falsetti [Vengeance & Justice]). After more research we narrowed it down to 3. Krrr did some divination to find the right monastery.
  • Travis casts Time Pool to view the last moments of The Archer Mason Graybo. Mason was in a cathedral like space fighting a group of shadowy beings while protecting an old man in brown robes of a lawful philosophical order. A spectre appeared and cast a spell causing the roof to collapse upon Mason and the old man just as Mason was taking his last shot with the Mythril Arrow. Mason was able to take the shot before falling. Travis also scryed the area of the monastery to scout the area.
  • The next morning we ported to the monastery into the scribing area. Faraday quickly killed two ghosts. Travis used Locate Object to get the general direction of the Arrow. Two more ghosts appeared behind us as we entered the hallway. Faradey killed the first one, Krrr got the second one. Moving down the corridor some more Faradey killed another ghost in a side room. We then moved into the big hall. The Locate Object spell indicated the Arrow was in a sparkling chandelier at the other end of the room. There was a big fight. Some ghosts, some undead monks, a golem. Dandelous cast a wall of fire. Travis flew on the carpet and retrieved the Arrow from the chandelier causing it to crash to the floor. Travis opens the portal, but just before it opens Krrr is hit with a big attack from the spectre which he narrowly survived. We all piled through and the spectre, a ghost, and the golem came through as well. Krrr casts Dimensional Translocation on the spectre. Faradey heals Krrr with the healing sword. Travis scores a critical on the spectre and kills it. The golem is finally felled by everyone. The next day Krrr is cured of his level drain and such.


You forgot to add the part where we planned ahead for a change (with the Forbiddance spell) and it actually worked! That never happens!

Side Note: We’ll need to go back and retrieve Mason’s (now very burnt) remains for the Gyre family, once we’re done with Ulko.


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