Circle Of Eight


Quest for the Shamans Bag


  • We started by going to the temple of Truth & Wind to research the items we’re seeking. We find info on the ranger (with the Mythril Arrow) going to a haunted monastery in the mountains. We learn a little more about the Orc Shaman. The Tailor’s last known quest was about him going to close a rift on an island in the Northern Sea leading to a demon plane.
  • Dandelus started to show signs of illness. It turned out he was diseased by Ulko when Ulko spread disease amongst the army. We talked to the people at the Temple of Truth & Wind and they are getting word to the army.
  • Scrying for the bag found nothing but scrying for the training camp found a camouflaged orc. We ported to a spot just beyond a canyon. Once there Krrr used Find the Path and we followed along until there was a trap in the way. Faradey fell victim and tripped and was stunned for 3 rounds. The orcs chose this moment to attack with arrows. Travis used a darkness barrier while Krrr cast Battle Cry so all the orcs would attack Krrr or be stunned. Dandelus while invisible flew behind a couple of orcs and backstabbed them. The orcs attacked hand-to-hand and we fought. Faradey came back from being stunned and peppered the orcs with arrows. Fighting continued until Anwar cast Calm Chaos putting a hold on most of the fighting. Just then Faradey (unseen by anyone) badly fumbled striking himself with six arrows. The fight continued on a smaller scale and we finally subdued two of the orcs.
  • Krrr attempted interrogating the two prisoners. The first one attacked and was killed; the second one was a little more forthcoming but not much. We learned they don’t have a leader. We didn’t want to openly ask about the bag for fear of being overheard. The orc was tied up and tossed into the bushes. Faradey went scouting and brought back another prisoner. Krrr questioned him, while using ESP. It would seem that they are training for a day when the orcs return to power. He knew nothing of Ulko. We tied him up and tossed him in the bushes with his friend.
  • A ballista began shooting at us so Travis used the darkness barrier again to be replaced by regular darkness then we went ethereal and moved on. We found the grave site and made a plan for Krrr to get the bag while invisible. Krrr couldn’t enter the grave site while ethereal but could when we returned to normal space using Find the Path. The rest of us fought off the orcs. Dandelus cast an Ice Wall covering a cave entrance blocking more orcs. We killed a couple manning a ballista and Travis took it over getting off one shot before casting Wall of Fire to cut off a group of orcs. Krrr looked around for a bit and got held by a magical trap. An orc shaman was casting against Anwar (Dimensional Anchor), Faradey, and Dandelus. Faradey somehow was slowed. A noxious cloud appeared and Dandelus used Filter to get Travis, Anwar and Faradey through. We went over to Krr to see what’s what. Travis grabbed the silenced item and through it towards the shaman. Anwar freed Krrr while Travis looked for the bag and found it. We fought off the rest of them, dispelled Anwar and got out of there. We ported to the citadel.



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